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Franchise Attorneys: It’s Hard For Them to Admit They Can’t Do It All!

Chances are you’ve engaged the services of an attorney at some point for your business. Admittedly, attorneys have to get a lot of education and pass a very difficult and strenuous test to become accredited. And for some, this is a license to practice law…. for others, it’s a license to take what seems to be a simple process and make it complicated in order to justify their fees. And some franchise attorneys are no exception.

Your experience with lawyers may sound something like this:

  • “They charge me for every second of their time, while trying to impress me with fancy stories to boost their ego.”

  • “They over promise and then under deliver. They don’t really specialize in the field I asked about,  but they don’t want to admit they can’t handle it!”

  • “They wait to file my paperwork or necessary responses based on their schedule instead of mine.”

  • “I’ve left messages and no one returns my calls! They have so many clients that there’s no time for me!”

  • “I keep getting letters with an invoice rather than a phone call, updating me on progress.” 

…and the list goes on.

But You Need Attorneys!

The process to franchise your business ABSOLUTELY needs the services of attorneys. So your challenge is to find someone who can speak the language, manage the process, costs and navigate through all the confusion.

When you work with a franchise development company like The Franchise Maker (learn about the franchise development services we provide beyond documentation), no need to worry! We have it covered. You don’t have to deal with attorneys with attitudes, law offices with computer problems, lawyers with heavy client loads or anything that would prevent them from delivering efficient services. We have all kinds of attorneys attorneys, all over the United States, who specialize in their respective fields. Since it’s not just one attorney you will be working with during your franchise development process we provide you with all the attorneys you need (check out our article on why you don’t need to worry about attorneys when franchising).

We take care of your entire franchise development process, keeping everyone (including the attorneys) on time and on budget. In addition, ALL of our attorneys charge a FLAT rate, so you are never left guessing how much you are spending (find out why our fees to franchise your business are less).

Don’t let the fear of franchise attorneys prevent you from franchising! Call us directly at 1-877-615-5177 or contact us to learn more about how we take away ALL the headaches and make franchising QUICK, EASY & AFFORDABLE!

Franchise Attorneys: It's Hard For Them to Admit They Can’t Do It All!