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Whether you're thinking about wanting to franchise your business in California, Texas, Florida, New York or anywhere in the United States, The Franchise Maker® provides a team of professionals to turn any type of business into a franchise system. No need to fret over needing a franchise agreement package (otherwise known as Franchise Disclosure Documents or an FDD) we have a comprehensive, easy and affordable franchising program.

The Franchise Maker is an active member of the San Diego Bar Association, American Bar Association Forum on Franchising, Better Business Bureau, Asian Business Association and various other organizations.

The Franchise Maker was created by our President, David R. Waldman, who prior to starting The Franchise Maker in 2005 spent the previous seventeen years working with large franchise systems.

While working with some of the most well-known franchise systems, David saw the power of what franchising can do when done right. For the years he witnessed how people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and levels of education bought into a solid franchise system, experienced tremendous success and became loyal to the brand. David became passionate about franchising and has seen that when a franchise structure is built correctly in conjunction with a franchisee-friendly culture, that loyalty built within the franchise system excels the entire system to greatness.

These experiences inspired David to create The Franchise Maker to help other business owners get to that next level of growth and experience that same level of success. His passion become even stronger as he started seeing the craziness of companies throughout the years who market and sell franchises and attempt to add franchise development services to their bag of tricks. Not only does this present an obvious conflict of interest but makes one wonder exactly what they do and who to trust. The damage these companies leave behind is ridiculous. David believes you do one thing and be the best at it. Therefore, The Franchise Maker is strictly a franchise development company that will turn your business into a franchise (learn the problems with franchise companies that claim to do everything). Yep, we are the real deal!


The Birth of The Franchise Maker

For years, David heard the horror stories from businesses that have spent tens of thousands of dollars franchising their business by companies with little real world experience who also did a variety of other things besides just create franchise systems (as the saying goes: "Jack of all trades, master of none."). Or worse yet, franchise attorneys or franchise lawyers who simply just provide a franchise agreement package (at a lofty price tag) without any supporting materials, training or assistance (read more about working with a franchise attorney to franchise a business).

As a result, David saw many of these businesses that went to franchise either fail or end up in litigation within the first few years. The bottom line is that these businesses were taken to franchise and not given the proper support or should not have been taken to franchise in the first place. The tragedy here is not just a failed franchisor, but those franchisees who invested their time and money (making life changing decisions to purchase the franchise) into an unprepared, flawed system leaving them with a bitter attitude against franchising.

It was time to stop the bleeding and bring some integrity back into the franchise development arena. When the franchisor has a solid system, the franchisees succeed and in David’s experience that is what makes franchising so powerful.

So, The Franchise Maker® was born with the mission of taking businesses through the franchise process without spending a fortune (or anything close to what has been previously accepted as a normal investment) while focusing on franchise development only and providing our clients with teams of professionals to help with every detail of their franchising business. In addition to the Franchise Disclosure Documents, otherwise known as the FDD (all done in-house, NOT sub-contracted out to third parties), David created these teams to assist clients through the various aspects of franchising for the purposes of further strengthening their business model, therefore adding intrinsic value to their franchise system.

The Franchise Maker answers the "How to Franchise" question and provides you with a one stop approach to franchise development. Initially, we will determine if franchising is the right vehicle for expansion. The Franchise Maker will: customize a strategy for your franchising business, define your franchise structure, craft your Franchise Disclosure Documents, provide you with a comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual package, establish your franchise applicant qualification process, discovery day and assist in the development of your franchise training program while providing ongoing consulting as your franchise system evolves. Yep, as a client, our entire Team of franchise professionals are at your disposal. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there; it is hard to know who to trust. The neat thing about The Franchise Maker is that we have it all and beyond.

Who is on Our Team:

  • Franchise Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys, Transaction Attorneys, Litigation Attorneys
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Public Relations & Marketing Professionals

Well we could flash up a bunch of head shot photos of lots of different people to impress you making you think that all these people work here with us, but lets face it that is very misleading. Everyone who is on our team (including the resources you will be able to tap into as a client) are literally all over the United States.

So if you see a company flashing up a bunch of head shots, you might want to dig a little deeper to see if those people actually work in their office and are actively engaged (you might be surprised). Otherwise, you may come to the conclusion that they just borrowed a bunch head shots and bios of people they know to make their team look impressive, distracting you from any substance.

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BBB Presentation

The Franchise Maker Receives the Torch Award

The Franchise Maker has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau for demonstrating integrity, exemplary ethical business practices in the marketplace, fostering transparency and was presented with the Better Business Bureau Torch Award.

The Better Business Bureau Torch Award recognizes the willingness and efforts made by outstanding businesses to ensure that the marketplace remains fair and honorable. Recipients are selected by a panel of independent judges who represent the business and the academic communities. Being recognized by such a nationally renowned organization showcases a company's commitment to excellence (check out the BBB Press Release).

Unfortunately there is a lot of fraud out there when looking to franchise your business. Which is quite hard to believe considering how regulated franchising is in general. Nonetheless there are some bad actors out there vying for your attention. The Franchise Maker is the ONLY one in the franchise development industry that has ever been recognized and honored with the Better Business Bureau Torch Award!

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