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Franchising a Business with The Franchise Maker

The Franchise Maker® takes business owners like you through an affordable step-by-step process to franchise your business, which enables you to sell franchises throughout the United States.

You've worked hard at growing your business and you're passionate about what your business model has to offer. Now you're thinking about taking it to the next level; franchising your business. Unlike franchise lawyers or franchise attorney firms we do not simply give you a 50 plus page package to fill out. We work directly with you giving you the individual attention you require.

As franchise developers, we have the experience, resources and infrastructure to guide you through the franchise process, every step of the way adding value to your business.

How to Franchise

"Be careful who you talk to about franchising your business. There seems to be a lot of new companies that have recently popped up without any track record or worse yet, run by slick salesmen who brag about themselves in an effort to camouflage their nasty background. Some companies are misleading and identify their president using fake names, middle names or will even hide behind layers of partnerships to keep you from knowing who is really running the company. Keep in mind that every picture on this website is of real clients and all companies we list are businesses we have taken to franchise from start-to-finish. If the other people you talk to do not list clients, that is a warning sign, and if they do list clients ask them if the companies they list are businesses they have taken to franchise from start-to-finish. Or are they just consulting with existing franchises and selling them? Do your homework! The Franchise Maker® does NOT sell franchises, we have NO hidden agendas and most importantly we do NOT take any equity or any ongoing royalties from you (in other words we do NOT make money off your success). We do NOT resort to desperate tactics or gimmicks to bring on clients and you will NEVER get a cold-call from us asking to franchise your business. We do honest work for a flat fee and we are the ONLY one in the industry recognized and honored with the Better Business Bureau Torch Award. We specialize only in franchise development launching businesses like yours into franchising. The Franchise Maker® has real clients and real results."

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What is Franchising?

If you are like other accelerated entrepreneurs, you’re asking “what’s next?” You are eager to expand your business, you may already be searching for ways of how to do it, and saying to yourself, “I think I want to franchise my business.” But what does franchising my business or creating a franchise really mean? Even if you’re an expert at what you do, you may not have the first clue how to move your business into franchising.  So let’s start with a basic understanding as to just what franchising is about and what it will mean for you.

It all starts with your business and all the different elements that make your business work. Things such as: the services you offer, the products you sell, how you serve customers or clients, the reason why you started the business in the first place (your mission and core values), the images that represent your business, how you market your business, etc.  When you’ve created a business that customers and clients appreciate, you have the beginnings of the leverage you need for franchising your business.

Franchising involves using your existing business as a benchmark and turning your business into a franchising company (franchisor).  Making it so that someone (a franchisee), who is interested in operating your same business in their own market, can do so. The arrangement is spelled out in a set of documents that define the relationship between both you and the franchisee.  You will make money from an initial fee (franchise fee) that each franchisee will pay you, some type of ongoing fee for your continued support as each franchisee operates your business in their market (royalties), the different equipment, products and supplies that you might sell to the franchisee in addition to rebates, kickbacks and allowances you may receive from your vendors. To learn more about the different ways you can make money franchising take a look at this Article in our learning Center.

You will receive royalties for ongoing support, guidance, and access to all the resources you have in place that makes your business a success. In essence when franchising, you allow franchisees to expand your business in their market while ensuring a uniform experience for customers and clients no matter where they are located. As a result, you are helping turn someone into a business owner and in time (yep it starts to happen), you will slowly begin to create a recognizable brand, accomplishing more exposure quicker than you are able to do by yourself.

Of course, transforming your current business into a successful franchise is a bit more complicated, because you need to protect your trade secrets, processes and methods, as well as, build a franchise program that is fair for both you and your franchisees.  When franchising your business you really should have someone beside you to educate you of the potential hurdles, challenges and landmines that plague franchising. This is why you need The Franchise Maker.

How Do I Franchise My Business?

Often times we hear, "I want to franchise my business, but I don't know how to franchise; how do I create a franchise program; how do I even start the process to franchise my business; what does it cost to franchise my business" OR "I want to franchise my business, but it seems too complicated." Guess what.. franchising your business doesn't have to be complicated or cost hundreds of thousands of dollars ( not even close). We believe that a better use of your resources is to invest in initiatives that will further enhance, brand and market your franchise system. We are based in California, where regulations to offer franchise opportunities are much tighter than other states. We have had tremendous success not just in California, but across the United States because we excel at making franchising a simple, painless, QUICK and EASY process for everyone.

Whether you want to franchise in California, Oregon, Texas, New York, Florida or anywhere in the United States, you will be surprised at how quickly we will make it happen. In addition, with our unique Pay As You Go Program, you pay gradually as work is completed, so the pressure is on us to perform for YOU.

However before you get carried away about the idea of franchising your business lets first explore what it really means to franchise a business. Franchising is a means of establishing a network of independently owned businesses (all of whom operate either their own limited liability company or corporation) and are given permission by you to sell products and/or offer services under your name and the same way you do it. These independently owned businesses (known as “franchisees”) are responsible for: finding a site for their business (if applicable), the entire cost of opening their business, hiring and managing their employees, advertising their business and of course adhering to standards established by you (the “franchisor”) when operating their business… just to name a few (to learn more Contact Us). When you become a franchisor you are responsible for teaching franchisees all your methods, processes, procedures, techniques and best practices so they can be just as successful at operating your business in their market. This entire concept is known as “business format franchising” and fosters uniformity. Besides the money you generate as a franchisor, there are many other benefits to franchising so call us and we will be happy to share them with you!

Franchising has played a major role in the American economy (and internationally) because it delivers to consumers the brand and service uniformity they desire while enabling entrepreneurs to align themselves with a system that intrinsically affords them benefits and leverage they would not otherwise have on their own. If this is something you aspire to do with the business you have created, then franchising may be an option for you. You have questions…we have answers. See a list of frequently asked questions.

Why Franchise My Business with The Franchise Maker?

You are an expert at what you do, and you’ve taken your passion, knowledge and experience and created a successful business. As a business owner, you understand the value of hiring an expert to handle aspects of your business that you don’t necessarily have a strong grasp about or fully understand. This is why you hire professional accountants, lawyers and marketing firms to manage the tasks they’re adept at doing day-after-day.

The Franchise Maker is a franchise development company. We’re not lawyers and we’re not in the business of marketing. We are true franchise developers helping to put together fair and attractive franchise programs, all while protecting you (and the business you created) in the process.  We are here to guide you through the process of franchising your business and transform it into a successful franchise, while avoiding the common pitfalls that can quickly derail an unseasoned franchisor.

When undertaking the complex task of franchising your business, you need an experienced franchise developer who has the knowledge and resources to help you formulate your franchising strategy, create value-driven propositions that appeal to potential franchisees and navigate the tricky waters of franchising.  Our process involves attorneys who specialize in franchising to make sure that what we put together affords you all the protections you need as a franchisor. 

The award-winning team at The Franchise Maker proudly offers turn-key franchise development  solutions that save you time, money and aggravation (we encourage you to take a few minutes to visit our About Us and learn more). While opportunistic frauds will try to charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars for services and somehow manage to keep their hands in your pockets afterwards, The Franchise Maker charges a flat fee for all services needed when developing your franchise from start-to-finish. The Franchise Maker even offers a Pay-As-You-Go Program that ensures you see results without committing to a ton of money upfront.

We guide you through the process of franchising your business with a cooperative, hand-holding approach that includes constant communication every step of the way, so you never feel intimidated by the process. The end result will be a complete franchise development program, customized for your business, that once approved, can be put into effect immediately. Our simple, efficient process can be completed in as little as 90 days. The Franchise Maker provides a quick, easy and affordable way business owners, like you, can take their current business to the next level.

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How Does Franchising My Business Help Me Make Money?

To be honest, franchising only helps accelerate your business growth if it is done right, which all starts with how well your franchise program is set up. You can’t just search for “how to franchise my business” and go with anyone. You need an expert in franchise development, that has a proven track record of end-to-end service and a long list of satisfied clients as proof.

The Franchise Maker helps you attain your goals of wanting to expand and make money, first and foremost, by identifying the best method of expanding your business in the most cost-effective manner for future franchisees. Unlike competitors, who charge exorbitant fees, deliver only a portion of the services you actually need to launch a successful franchise and build themselves into your franchise program to keep their hands in your pockets afterwards, we charge only a flat rate (nothing beyond). We were also the first to create a Pay-As-You-Go program that ensures you see the work being done before you pay for it. At some point, of course, the talented team at The Franchise Maker will complete your franchise development program and hand over the reins to you. What’s next?

You will be in a position to offer franchises nationwide.  There are no other out-of-pocket costs to you, besides minor annual maintenance costs to your franchise program.  However, if you are like most of our clients, and you can’t get enough of The Franchise Maker, you could choose to take advantage of some optional programs for ongoing assistance (and yes that is all flat fee too). For further information of how we can help beyond your franchise development, Contact Us

What Are The Benefits of Franchising My Business?

Some business owners are happy growing organically and maintaining a handful of locations they manage themselves. Others simply want to grow faster than their resources will allow and look towards franchising because, when franchising, you are bringing on franchisees who use their own resources (money and talent) to operate your business in their area (a market you would not be able to get into yourself that quickly).

Along the way, your small local business becomes recognizable and soon the name of your business becomes associated with the services and/or products that you offer. Yep, you slowly start becoming a brand; therefore, adding more credibility to what you do in the marketplace.

Quick, Efficient and Comprehensive!

No doubt franchising is a strategy used to penetrate and dominate the marketplace. It can be a powerful way to grow your business and expand your profits while developing brand recognition. You may be asking yourself “should I franchise my business?” Well there are lots of questions we have about your business to determine if it even makes sense to franchise your business. Call us and let’s see how your business measures up to our Franchise-O-Meter. If franchising is the right vehicle for your business, The Franchise Maker® will help to get you there in as little as 90 days. We handle everything from franchise disclosure documents (which includes the franchise agreement) and support materials, to a complete team of professionals you will need to launch and strengthen your franchise system. Regardless of which state you are in, we make franchising your business Quick, Easy and Affordable!

What Things Should I Consider Before Franchising My Business?

Franchising your business may seem like the dream that carries you forward into a new era of success, but you must take the time to make sure this is the right move. While the experienced team at The Franchise Maker will start by sizing up your business to see if you’re a good fit for franchising, there are several things you need to consider before you move ahead.

First, you will need to consider whether your business is scalable. How easy or difficult will it be to replicate your systems and your success in a new market, with another business owner at the helm? If you are the shining star on which your business success hinges, that may make it a bit more difficult to duplicate. 

Also, you must think about whether or not there is a real market (demand) for your services or products outside your local area. In other words, is what service or product you are providing universal or specific to just your geographic area?

Your focus is now about to shift from pleasing your current customers or clients, to becoming the pioneer of your brand and supporting all the franchisees who have bought into your program. Is this something you’re comfortable managing? Will you be able support your franchisees when they run into operational challenges while operating your business in their market? These are just a few of the important considerations to think about before franchising your business.

Critical Factors for Success When Franchising

The Franchise Maker is adept at handling all the details of your franchise development and creating a franchise program, but when it comes to execution, you really do the heavy lifting. Your success hinges on how well you execute with your franchises. As part of your franchise development process, we will identify your deliverables that will help keep your franchisees accountable.  How well you execute, that’s up to you.

Your business must have something that is unique and sets you apart from your competitors. When franchising, you need to identify the value that you bring and will continue to bring to your franchisees. No need to worry, at The Franchise Maker, we are here to help identify such things.   After reading all this perhaps you are amped. So when you’re ready to launch into your phase of growth (the next step), we will be here to help you from start-to-finish, throughout your entire franchise development process.

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