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Does Making a Franchise and Franchise Sales Go Hand in Hand

When looking to franchise your business you might wonder if making a franchise and franchise sales go hand in hand. There is a lot of confusion floating around out there about what it takes to make a franchise compared to … [ Read More...]

Franchising a Service Business

service business franchising If you are like most service businesses you not only survived but thrived during the pandemic. Now perhaps you are looking at the future and wondering what is the next step. You have been super … [ Read More...]

How to Research Companies That Do Franchising

You are serious about wanting to franchise your business and so you start doing your research on companies that do franchising. You are not sure who to trust or what to believe. There are so many companies that you come … [ Read More...]

What is the Process to Franchise My Own Business?

You have worked hard to start your business, build a name for yourself and provide a level of service that keeps people coming back.  Your business has become increasingly popular and people are seeking you out to experience … [ Read More...]

Financial Performance Representations vs Audited Financial Statements

The franchise development process makes mention of two financial concepts: Audited Financial Statements and Financial Performance Representations. Often times these two topics lead to confusion. Audited Financial Statements … [ Read More...]

How Much Money Can I Make Franchising My Business

When thinking about franchising your business you probably have lots of questions. One question we sometimes get when talking with people about franchising is, "How much money I can make franchising?" Let's tackle this … [ Read More...]

Things to Do Before Franchising Your Idea

You are super excited because you have a great idea for a business. You believe that your idea is revolutionary and may even be a paradigm shift. You have researched your idea and realize it is something no one else has ever … [ Read More...]

What Franchising Can Do for My Business

Do you have a business and thinking about wanting to grow it? Perhaps franchising is something that has crossed your mind. There are both obvious and not-so obvious things that franchising can do for your business if you … [ Read More...]

Are These Attorney Tactics Creative or Desperate

Yep believe it or not attorneys find themselves turning over every rock to find work. Sometimes young attorneys get a quick wake-up call that just because they passed the bar exam and are licensed to practice law does not … [ Read More...]

What are You Franchising

You really want to franchise your business. As you are thinking about how you can make things easy for duplication, you figure the best thing to do is make what you want to franchise so simple that all someone has to do is … [ Read More...]

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