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When Starting a Franchise Things to Consider

If you are like every other entrepreneur, you want to grow, become well-known, make money and you want it fast. So you figure you already have a business that makes money, maybe it’s time to start a franchise company and sell … [ Read More...]

Creating Franchise Friendly Documents

The requirement when franchising your business is to have a set of documents that layout in a particular format your obligations and responsibilities to a franchisee. The reason behind having franchise documents is so that … [ Read More...]

“Franchise Partner” Why this is a Bad Word

Recently we had a conversation with someone who was very eager to franchise his business and said he wants to be more of a "franchise partner" with people who buy into his concept. This business owner was using the term … [ Read More...]

Where You Should Franchise Your Business

As you are thinking about franchising your business one of the questions you are more than likely to have is where you should franchise. You may be wondering when you first start franchising if you should stay within your … [ Read More...]

Difference between Updating and Renewing Franchise Documents

When it comes to the topic of franchising you may be aware that before you can start selling franchises you need a set of franchise documents. These franchise documents are required by the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC"), … [ Read More...]

Can Any Business be Franchised?

Look closely at the different services you use or businesses you purchase from. It’s likely that many of them are franchises! Technically speaking, any type of business can be franchised (read about the different types of … [ Read More...]

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