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How Franchising Your Business Will Affect Your Future

Does this sound like you? “I have been thinking about franchising my business but I want to have some idea how it will affect my future. I am concerned about giving up control, the people who will be operating my business and … [ Read More...]

Are Franchisees Considered Employees?

We all know what franchising means. It sounds good right? Grow a business, have multiple locations, recognition, branding, etc. But do you fully grasp what the franchising relationship is really about? Are franchisees … [ Read More...]

Key Points to Building a Successful Franchise

Your business is doing great, you now want to grow and know franchising is your path. You begin to wonder, "What does it take to build a successful franchise program?"   Successful franchises are made up of a bunch of … [ Read More...]

Myth – A Business Cannot Be Franchised If It Requires a License

As you are thinking about franchising your business, you may be under the impression that you cannot franchise your business because operating it requires a special license. Perhaps you are thinking that your industry is so … [ Read More...]

Answering Questions About The Franchise Maker

For The Franchise Maker, franchising businesses is our specialty. It is all we do day in and day out since 2005. While we live and breathe franchising, we know that not everyone is as familiar with what we do. So we figured … [ Read More...]

Franchising is for Big Picture Thinkers

Yep, Big picture thinkers are all around us. They are the entrepreneurs who are the driving force behind the great businesses you patronize. You probably interact with big picture thinkers every day or you consider yourself a … [ Read More...]

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