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Does it Make Sense to Franchise Because My Name is Gold

So you have a business with a really clever name and as a result you have customers and/or clients who approach you and say, "this has to be a franchise because the name is gold!" And with many franchised businesses out there … [ Read More...]

Is Someone Cold Calling You to Franchise?

Doesn’t the saying go, “don’t trust anyone who cold calls you”? Let's say you have been operating your business for some time and have experienced some level of success. One day you get a cold call (or an unsolicited email) … [ Read More...]

Franchising Revenue Recognition Rules

The Financial Accounting Standards Board ("FASB") sets the standards for what is known as "GAAP" which stands for generally accepted accounting principles. You may or may not be aware that the FASB has set new revenue … [ Read More...]

Questions to Ask Before You Franchise Your Business

It is appealing to any business owner to grow exponentially. Sure bet you've thought about this many times. Ideally you want the quickest and easiest path to grow exponentially. You may know, there is really no such thing as … [ Read More...]

How to Duplicate Your Business

The whole idea of duplication is most business owners’ dream. And if you are like most business owners you are constantly wondering what is the best way to duplicate your business. Conceptually duplication sounds easy, but in … [ Read More...]

Franchising is Regulated to Keep You Honest

Any change you make, every move you make, they will be watching you. Sound like a song? Well it is, but we are referring to franchising, specifically if you choose to franchise your business and what it will look like in the … [ Read More...]

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