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Do My Franchise Businesses Have to be Exactly Like My Current Business

There are many benefits when franchising your business besides the ability to grow quicker than you could on your own and bringing together a culture of like-minded individuals all running the same type of business and working toward the same goals. Franchising provides operational consistency between each new business (more on benefits when franchising your business). The consistency in what the business offers, the appearance of the business and how products and services are provided usually results in name recognition. When you think of some of the most well-known franchises, they typically have a level of consistency that is associated with the name. Typically you would expect the same type of experience from a franchise location whether it be in New York or Hawaii. So you may be thinking about franchising but do not necessarily want every franchise business to be exactly like your current business. Do all of your future franchise businesses have to be just like you? Can you still franchise your business while allowing flexibility? When it comes to things such as the appearance of your business and what products and/or services are offered by your future franchise businesses there is absolutely flexibility. Let’s explore when it makes sense to be flexible when franchising your business and how it is not necessary that your future franchise businesses have to be exactly just like you.

The Appearance of Your Business

You have probably spent a lot of time decorating your business. Your décor has been carefully curated, your signage was designed to catch the eye of customers and your layout was created to make the flow of your business smooth for your customers. There are certain elements to the appearance and layout of your business that make you stand out and recognizable. Yet you may feel that there are elements of your business that could be changed depending on different geographical areas. For example perhaps the square footage of your business is much larger than you need, but you got a good deal on the spot when you found it. However you think it would make much more sense for your future franchise businesses to have a smaller footprint, and that is just fine. It is also possible that your décor is a reflection of your local community and you want your future franchise business locations to also reflect their local area. This would not be an exact duplicate of your current business from a décor standpoint (check out this article on duplicating a business). For example if you have a storefront, you may not care about the type of furniture and/or fixtures a future franchise business uses in their location. If you have a mobile, service-based business you may not care what type of vehicle your franchisee uses (for example a Ford or a Chevy). This type of flexibility is very common in franchising because what’s not changing are the core products and services being offered. And while a custom fabricated counter or a counter that is already within a location (inherited) may not be such a big deal, the layout and branding of the business is what provides the consistency (in other words the look and feel of the business).  

Required Products & Services

Your current business is focuses on providing a specific service and/or product. Maybe you also offer a handful of other services and/or products to complement your current business. You are thinking about franchising, but not everything within your current business. You want to peel off just the main part of your business and offer only it as a franchise. Can you do it? You bet you can! And we have franchised several businesses that did just that. It is not uncommon that your current business (company-owned location) will always be doing more than your franchises because you are constantly improving your current business for the benefit the entire system (see other ways to add value to your brand when franchising). On the other hand, there may be some services or and/or products that you would not mind if your future franchise businesses offered, but you do not offer such services in your current business. When you franchise you have the flexibility to limit what your future franchise businesses can offer. In addition, with your permission, you can even authorize your future franchise businesses to expand their services and/or products. In other words, it is not necessary that your future franchise businesses have to be exactly identical to your current business.

Franchising is Flexible

The great thing about franchising your business is that you are not forced into any cookie-cutter type of model. You have freedom and flexibility when it comes to deciding what your future franchise businesses can offer. When working with us to build your franchise program we take the flexibility you want in your franchise program into account (learn more about our strategy when building your franchise program). We will develop a custom franchise program that is just as unique as your current business with as much flexibility as you want. We will identify the appearance of your franchise, all products and services your future franchise businesses will have to offer, what is optional and much more. If the idea of franchising excites you call us directly at 1-877-615-5177 to contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions about if your franchises have to be just like you.

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