Identifying The Perfect Franchisee

Finding the perfect franchisee is no different than finding the “perfect” employee. However, as a franchisor, you will be looking for someone “just like me” who will embrace your business, dedicating themselves to make it a huge success in their market.

Either way, you are taking a calculated risk; the difference is how well you advertise and market your franchise opportunity and of course, most importantly, how you qualify franchise applicants! Perhaps the biggest mistake made by franchisors is to sell franchises to candidates who are not qualified to run them.

No worries, we will figure all this out and more. One of the benefits of being a client of The Franchise Maker is that we offer a Franchise Qualification Process, teaching you how to qualify franchise applicants. Here we outline from start-to-finish what to do with a franchise applicant, from the first time they call you to the execution of the Franchise Agreement.

We will provide you with a complete system that identifies the right questions to ask, how to pre-screen applicants, check lists to make sure you….

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