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Are you in a rush to get your business franchised? Franchising has always been on your mind. Maybe it is something that you thought was a pipe dream, however now your circumstances have changed and you feel that you just need to get it done. Perhaps the reason for the sense of urgency is someone has approached you or you have had comments from different people who want to know how they can do what you do. In addition to these comments you also have people who have mistaken your business for a franchise. Regardless of the reason, you think you better franchise before someone else does it. Below are some of the most common reasons that may justify you franchising now before someone else beats you to it.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Franchise

Maybe you have created something unique. You have a new twist to something common and in your mind you want to get it protected. While franchising does not prevent any type of competition or someone starting a business similar to what you are doing (for example anyone can open a burger shop); franchising does offer an element of protection for the things you have specifically developed that are unique to your business (learn about protecting what you created and the role it plays in franchising). When you hear different comments from people (such as people mentioning they want to know how to do what you do, people thinking you are already a franchise, etc.) you may be worried or paranoid that your customers and/or clients are studying your business and what you have done so that they can copy it. You think that maybe these people have more resources than you and if they copy you, they might be able to get their version of your business out there quicker (read other reasons to franchise your business so you don’t miss out on opportunities).

First to Franchise In The Market

No one wants to be seen as the sloppy second. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and out of habit you ask the server for a Coke? The server bounces back with tilted head and a smile, “I’m sorry, we don’t have Coke. Is Pepsi okay instead?” Pepsi has long been perceived to be a sloppy second when it comes to cola industry because Coke hit the market first. There have been tons of commercials over the years from Pepsi to try to change the perception that they are not the runner up. Maybe one of your reasons for wanting to franchise your business is you don’t want to be a sloppy second. You want to be the first to market before anyone else does it and you do not want to be perceived as the runner up. You have been forced to realize there is a huge need that exists for what you do and it is an underserved market. As a result, you know that what you have put together and how you do it needs to reach as many people as quick as possible. You just simply cannot do it fast enough on your own. Franchising provides you with a way to get out in the market quickly (find out how long it takes to franchise your business) and if you are the first to franchise your type of business, it could make your business viewed as the “original” in its industry.

Your Business is Revolutionary

As mentioned above, perhaps you have created something unique or a twist to something that is already common. This could be in the form of a product you have invented and that product is the centerpiece of your business. As such you have surrounded your product with a service because you realize that you cannot just franchise a product. In this example, franchising is about a whole series of best practices, systems and processes you put in place that highlight the product (check out this article on why franchising is about more than just a product). The bottom line is you know that what you have put together is a paradigm shift. It has the potential of being a phenomenon. But you are limited by your own resources. You are thinking you better franchise now before someone else catches on and beats you to it.

All of this has created a sense of urgency and makes you wonder if you are ready to franchise. In reality, you are franchising a business that is an exact replicate of what you are doing. It will never be 100% perfect but if what you are doing now is working, maybe your concern is right to franchise it before someone else does it. Call us directly at 1-877-615-5177 and we will help determine if what you have created makes sense to franchise. And if franchising does make sense, we will get you into the marketplace quickly before someone else does it.

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