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Answering Questions about The Franchise Maker

For The Franchise Maker, franchising businesses is our specialty. It is all we do day in and day out since 2005. While we live and breathe franchising, we know that not everyone is as familiar with what we do. So we figured we would take a few minutes to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about The Franchise Maker.   

What Types of Businesses Do You Franchise?  

We franchise ALL different types of businesses. Often the first type of business that comes to mind for most people when someone hears the word “franchise” is the restaurant and food-service industry (learn more about how we work with restaurants and food-service businesses). However franchising is NOT just limited to the restaurant or food-service industry. In reality franchised businesses span across every sector of any imaginable industry. It is those businesses that are in an industry that has never been franchised that really excites us (particularly our President). We have been privileged to work with a wide array of different types of businesses spanning different industries. To give you an idea of the different types of non-restaurant businesses we have taken to franchise from start-to-finish below are just a few:

  • Professional types of businesses that require a license such as: real estate, mental health providers, medical and dental practices (for more on this topic read “Can My Business be Franchised if it Requires a License?”);
  • Educational businesses such as: learning centers pre-schools and after-school programs;
  • Automobile businesses such as: auto repair services, auto painting and vehicle customization services;
  • Service-based businesses such as: pest control, security and disaster mitigation services;
  • Pet-related businesses such as: doggie daycare, pet sitting and grooming businesses;
  • Mobile businesses such as: photography, event planning and residential or commercial cleaning businesses;
  • Manufacturing or production businesses such as: granite fabrication, sign production and recycling businesses;
  • Fitness businesses such as: full-scale gyms, specialty fitness programs and boot camps;
  • Health & Wellness businesses such as: weight loss, body sculpting and personal care salons;
  • Skill trades such as: painting, construction and building businesses; and
  • Retail stores such as: clothing, books and grocery stores.

Sometimes there are businesses that might not even hit your radar as franchisable. To give you a specific example we have a client with a unique real estate property management business. This is a neat model because it’s really two businesses in one. Not only does the business provide services to manage properties (including assistance in finding, qualifying and managing tenants) it also performs general maintenance on all properties it manages. This is different because typically property management and property maintenance services are usually two separate businesses. For more examples of all the different types of businesses we have franchised, see a full list of our clients. You will see how the clients we have taken to franchise are not limited to just one type of business!

Do You Work Nationwide?  

After learning about the different types of businesses we franchise that usually leads to another question, “Do you work with businesses all over the United States or just locally?” The answer is YES! We work with businesses as far west as Hawaii and as far east as Rhode Island (plus everything in between). Franchising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission therefore it is federal and it makes no difference whether the business that wants to franchise is here in our backyard or across the country (see “Do I Need a Local Franchise Development Company?”)  

We leverage technology to make the franchising process seamless as we work through different projects to build your franchise program. During the franchise development process it may make sense for Dave (our President) to come and visit your business in person, however it is not required and we have clients who to this day we have never met in person.  

Now you know The Franchise Maker works with a wide variety of businesses in many different industries all over the United States. So ask yourself: have you created something different and unique? Maybe you have created a new type of product or a new method to providing a service. If so franchising may be an option for you and now you know of a company that is famous for franchising businesses all over the United States and who can help you! Call us at 1-877-615-5177 or contact us through our website and we will gladly answer all your questions to determine if franchising is right for you!

Answering Questions about The Franchise Maker