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A Custom Approach to Franchising Your Business

Recently we were talking with one of our clients and he brought up in conversation that he decided to use The Franchise Maker to franchise his business because he saw right away that we offer more of a tailored and custom approach. So what does a “more tailored and custom approach to franchising your business” really mean for you, and why is this so important? It means that when we take you through the process to franchise your business we customize every element of how we build your franchise structure to accurately reflect you and your business. Bottom line is there is nothing cookie-cutter about working with The Franchise Maker!

Building a Franchise That is Specific to Your Business

Your business has aspects of it that are different from anyone else; therefore we believe your franchise structure must reflect those same elements. This means that we do NOT use templates to create your franchise structure or when putting together your franchise documents; we do NOT force your business to fit into a box; and most importantly we do NOT pigeonhole you into a certain franchise structure that is more convenient for us to put together (in other words we do not subscribe to the belief that “one size fits all”). We are the ONLY company who focuses on strictly franchise development (read more about why you will want to choose us to franchise your business). The problem in using a template when building your franchise structure and putting together your franchise documents is that in the end many specifics about your business will not be included. Not to mention a template is not likely to include the many up-to-date and most relevant protections you need to keep you out of trouble, leaving you extremely vulnerable.

We exercise creativity to capture the essence of your business; what makes it stand apart; and what is most important to you (learn about our strategy to develop a franchise program). We then use that information to create a franchise program that is attractive to a potential buyer. Like a piece of clothing that has been carefully fitted for you, we create franchise structures and put together documents that are custom-fitted to YOU!

We Do Not Use Templates

On a regular basis we come across business owners who were taken to franchise, who had their franchise structure and documents prepared by someone else and as a result turns out the franchise program was intended for another type of business. A few years ago we had a person contact us who had gone to some other company who claimed to do franchise development (to learn how to identify if you are talking with a true franchise development company read “What to Look for in a Franchise Development Company“). This person was not involved in the process of creating the franchise structure and putting together her franchise documents. This other company who claimed to do franchise development never reviewed anything with this person, did not provide her with any guidance and clearly used templates.

How do we know this? Here is what happened: This person tried to award a franchise and was embarrassed to later realize that her franchise structure and documents were intended for a restaurant business… problem is that she operated a retail store. To make a long story short, she found us, we brought her on board, and re-created her franchise structure and put together documents all of which were tailored to her retail business (see a list of the clients we have franchised from start-to-finish).

We find the same problem exists when working with web developers. It’s very common that web developers only know how to create one type of website. They work off a program that is simply a template with predefined spots for pictures and content. However a talented web developer can build a custom website using different programming codes. In other words, the talented web developers don’t just funnel you into a format that is easier and more convenient for them to build. Just like in this example, you don’t want your franchise program to be forced into a predefined format.

We Teach You How to Think Like a Franchisor

Our clients benefit from working with Dave (our President) because as another client put it, “he slows down enough to teach you HOW to think about things like a franchisor” (read more comments and testimonials from our clients about our franchising process). Just like your business, your personal learning style is different than others. This is one of the many reasons why we require that you are involved in every aspect of the process as we tailor each of these projects to your learning style and your pace. You are NOT rushed through the franchising process and you are NOT expected to figure things out yourself.

Does this hand-holding, tailored and custom approach to franchising appeal to you? Do you want to roll out a franchise program that is unique, different and exciting that accurately reflects your business? If so call us directly at 1-877-615-5177 or you can simply contact us through our website. We will be happy to answer any questions, explain more about our tailored approach to franchising and ultimately determine if franchising makes sense for your business.

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