Franchise Brokers vs Franchise Developers: Everything to Know

As you continue to research how to franchise your business and are seeking out franchise developers to help, you are bound to run into “franchise brokers”, although you may not even know it! A franchise broker is someone who may present him or herself as a franchise consultant, a franchise advisor, a franchise coach and may even call themselves a franchise counselor; HOWEVER, don’t be confused by their title. Bottom line is that a franchise broker is someone who has a book of franchise concepts and has been authorized by various franchising companies to sell their franchise opportunity.

What Do Franchise Brokers Provide?

Lead generation is a franchise broker’s primary purpose. Technically a franchise broker will spend his/her own money to advertise a franchise concept to generate lead activity and convert these leads into serious buyers. Some franchise brokers simply pass these unqualified leads to the franchising company; others provide a thorough screening to make sure the prospective buyer is a good match for the franchising company (find out if there is a magic formula for finding the perfect franchisees). For this service the franchise broker makes a commission (typically 40%-50% of your franchise fee) each time someone purchases a franchise they represent.

In general, a franchisor should NEVER give a franchise broker access to all leads they generate. The franchise broker makes such a large commission in part because they are supposed to be generating their own leads. If the lead is no longer interested in one franchise concept, the franchise broker will simply re-direct that person to another franchise within their vast book of franchise opportunities. Always be careful, a lot of franchise brokers are predatory and seek out new franchisors so they can buddy up to them and require exclusivity… this is not good (read more on why you should use caution with franchise brokers).

Because franchise brokers have a hard time of it, recently we have seen a wave of them now claiming to be franchise developers (go figure). These franchise brokers have no experience, farm out the work, produce sub par work, provide poor advice and have hidden agendas to exclusively represent the franchisor to make a hefty commission (read our President’s Warning Message).

What a Franchise Broker is NOT

Just to be clear, a franchise broker is NOT someone who specializes in franchising your business model from scratch (check out our strategy when franchising your business from scratch). A franchise broker will NOT personally create all the forms and legal documents needed for you to offer franchise opportunities nationwide. For that you need a true franchise developer (read about the differences between a true franchise developer and a franchise broker, advisor or consultant). For the record, it is a conflict of interest for a franchise developer to sell their client’s franchises. Would you trust a real estate agent to build you a solid house? Would you trust a dentist to give you face lift? We think not!

Ask Questions

So how do you know if you are talking with a franchise broker (masquerading as a franchise developer) or if you are talking with a legitimate franchise developer? We have a whole list of questions that you should be asking anybody you are talking with about franchising your business. Call us directly at 1-877-615-5177 or you can contact us and we’ll share that list with you!

Franchise Brokers vs Franchise Developers: Everything to Know