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What Is a Franchise Discovery Day?

Let’s take a moment and look into your future. You have just spent the last few months working to complete your franchise development program. You are now offering franchises nationwide. This is a very exciting time for you as a new franchisor! As you are talking with applicants more than likely you have a few strategies in place. Let’s explore one of them known as the Franchise Discovery Day.

If you have been following any of the materials written by Dave our President (learn about us and Dave), then you know that when it comes to franchising you are really not selling anything to anyone. If your concept is strong enough, has sustainability and if you’ve developed a system that is proprietary, unique and different then you will attract franchise applicants (read our article with more points to help you decide if you should consider franchising your business). At that point it is really not about selling franchises to these applicants. It is really about awarding franchises. Yep that’s right, you are awarding franchises to the right applicants. One of the most powerful tools when awarding franchises is something the industry calls a “Franchise Discovery Day”.

What a Franchise Discovery Day Means

The term “Discovery Day” means that it is an opportunity for a franchise applicant to learn about you. In reality both you and the applicant are “discovering” each other. Franchise Discovery Days give your applicants an opportunity to come to your business, meet you, your staff and get to see your business in operation. Franchise Discovery Days are fun and should excite you! It’s an opportunity for you to showcase your business. A Franchise Discovery Day is an opportunity for you to meet your applicant face-to-face and really get a better read for their attitude, motivation, passion and gauge their seriousness about your franchise to determine if they really are a good fit for your system (read how to find the perfect franchisee).

Do Franchise Discovery Days Work?

Franchise Discovery Days have a huge potential for success depending on how you execute them. Your Franchise Discovery Day can be put together however you wish and is typically limited in scope and nature. Franchise applicants will spend their own money to come visit you and get the grand tour of your business. This is really an opportunity for your applicant to see your business in operation and meet you and that’s how you and your applicants should view it. When you correctly execute a Franchise Discovery Day, ideally at that time you determine if it makes sense to close the deal!

Maybe a Franchise Discovery Day Makes Sense for You

Depending on your business model, your philosophy and how we build your franchise program will dictate if a franchise discovery day is right for you. As you are thinking about franchising your business there are many different strategies besides franchise discovery days that if executed correctly will help you award franchises later. We will not only put together a very attractive and affordable franchise opportunity for you to roll out but will also guide and mentor you as to some of the best practices and strategies when awarding franchises (more on our strategy and the topic of awarding franchises and how we help). While Franchise Discovery Days are just one such strategy that will lead to your franchise success, rest assured there are more.

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