Setting Up a Franchise? Why You Need Franchise Marketing Collateral

Imagine for a minute you are done…  yep you’ve worked hard to franchise your business. You’ve thought through every detail during the franchise development process. Now, you’re ready to tell prospective franchisees exactly why, out of a myriad of franchise opportunities, your franchise is the best. Given the chance you can rattle off a hundred facts to state your case to why someone should buy your franchise. Now all you need in order to award franchises is provide them with compelling marketing pieces that will start the process so you can put applicants through your franchise qualification process and meet with them in person.

Like you, many of your potential franchisees are looking to be as efficient as possible with their time. This means NOT meeting you right away (which quite honestly is a good practice.. determine if they are a good candidate before you invest the time to meet with them). Within their search for the right franchise opportunity, they will want (to use an old analogy) “to take a peak under the hood before buying the car.” They will want more information from you before giving you the chance to sell them.

 A Suitable Stand-in

Most of the time you will not have the benefit of a face-to-face meeting, or even if you do, you’ll need information that can speak for you. The information about your franchise needs to be in a format that can be sent to potential franchisees to review. You will need to arm yourself with some good, strong franchise marketing collateral pieces. Your franchise marketing collateral must be easy to understand, informative, compelling, attractive, and actionable. Good franchise marketing collateral pieces should be doing the selling for you. In fact, it may even have the potential of selling BETTER than you. It will also free you up to generate more franchise leads.

The Action Plan

So what does it take to get great franchise marketing collateral? While the following information should not replace getting a good marketing professional to help you create your franchise marketing collateral, there are three fundamentals necessary when developing franchise marketing collateral:

 1)         INFORMATION: In franchising, information is key; you must set out to clearly define your franchise opportunity for your prospective franchisee!

 2)        FORMATTING: Know your prospect’s preference in obtaining information, then deliver it correctly!

 3)        DESIGN: Whatever format you choose to present your franchise opportunity, make sure the information is “dressed for success” (for more on this topic…click here). Though these basic components and see what you come up with. In the end, franchise marketing collateral may be your only boarding pass for entry into your prospective franchisee’s mind. Be sure to get your ticket and use it wisely! The process to franchise may venture into new territory for some, but it doesn’t have to be scary if you have a worthy guide.

 At The Franchise Maker, we walk with you through every step of the franchise development process and beyond. And YES, we have graphic designers and can create franchise marketing collateral pieces for you, so don’t worry. The Franchise Maker has all the resources and support necessary for each phase of your franchise development!