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Need Attorneys to Franchise: Don’t Worry We Have Them

By now you probably realize when franchising your business, you inevitably need to have attorneys involved. That thought can be intimidating and scary. It is no secret that attorneys can be difficult to deal with, seem to charge you for every minute of their time (even if it is a simple question) and, in some cases, may have a hidden agenda to secure work for themselves in the future.

Do not fear… The Franchise Maker is here! We have made the attorney piece of the franchising “puzzle” very EASY for you (see a list of everything we provide when franchising your business). We firmly believe that when it comes to working with attorneys you should only work with those who specialize in a certain field rather than the attorney who indicates that he/she can do “anything and everything”. For example, some attorneys will claim they can: prepare wills, negotiate leases, write contracts, file trademarks…oh, and maybe even handle franchising work. In our world we believe that it is in your best interest to be working with attorneys who are experts in their field (check out this article for more on working with an attorney when franchising your business).

Therefore, we have established relationships with different types of attorneys ALL over the United States and, in some cases, internationally. We have trademark attorneys, labor attorneys, litigation attorneys, franchise attorneys and more. An added benefit of becoming a client of The Franchise Maker (more benefits of choosing to work with us) is that:

We provide you with every attorney you will need to complete your franchising project;

  • You have access to all our other attorneys as you continue to grow;
  • You benefit cost wise since all of our attorneys work at a flat fee;
  • We match you with attorneys who best fit your philosophy and your personality;
  • We quarterback all the activity with attorneys to ensure that office actions and state examiner inquiries are answered quickly;
  • We make sure that every one of our attorneys are customer service-oriented rather than transaction focused; and
  • All our attorneys have a proven track record and are up-to-date with industry developments.

Now suppose you have a relationship with a trademark attorney in your area. We are not at all opposed to you maintaining that relationship with your trademark attorney and would prefer you continue to work with that trademark attorney. In other words, it does not affect our relationship with you in any way if you choose to work with your trademark attorney for the trademark work that is necessary for franchising. The only thing we would hope is that your trademark attorney has experience filing trademarks, can respond quickly if there is a challenge and that his/her costs are reasonable.

However, when it comes to franchise attorneys, you will need to work with our team of franchise attorneys. Simply put, our franchise attorneys are already familiar with the format, style, structure and philosophy that we use to build franchise systems (more on our philosophy when building franchise systems); they do not have egos that get in the way of completing your project once we turn it over to them because “they did not put it all together themselves”; and they are well-versed in franchise regulations with experience in all Registration States (learn about Registration States). The end result is highly efficient, professional teamwork, that saves you time and, let’s not forget, saves you money!

If you have ever worked with an attorney, you know that it can be very expensive, time consuming and frustrating. When you work with The Franchise Maker you don’t need to worry about any of that as you have more important things to do. We expedite the process and communications with all attorneys. You do not need to worry about whether the attorneys you work with complete your project on time and on budget. We manage everything with the attorneys and yet at the same time, we keep you informed. Bottom line is we make franchising Quick, Easy & Affordable, and that includes working with the right attorneys throughout the process. Call us directly at 1-877-615-5177 or send us your contact information to learn more about our proprietary franchise development program that includes attorneys.