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Franchising a Business Involves Many Things

As a business owner, you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating an experience that keeps your customers coming back for more. You’ve toiled long hours, honed your processes, perfected operations and built a loyal base of regular customers. The dream of franchising your business has always lingered in the back of your mind and is the ultimate goal. Perhaps the answer to expansion, market share, building a legacy and even retirement. Now the time has come to pursue the next step and you are wondering “what franchising a business involves”. And while you are used to hard work, you realize franchising a business involves many things that are unknown to you. It is an entirely different animal that requires meticulous planning, careful execution and unwavering dedication.

The Franchising Process and Getting Approved

Once you identify if franchising makes sense (take a look at “How to Know if My Business is Franchisable“), then it is all about starting the actual process to franchise. The road to franchising begins with building a comprehensive franchise program tailored to your business’s unique identity and operations. This involves identifying the rules of the relationship between you and franchisees, protecting your intellectual property (which includes your strategies, methods, efficiencies, techniques and safeguarding your trade secrets) and of course protections for you that outline what happens if something goes wrong. These elements are encapsulated in the franchise disclosure document, the linchpin of your franchise program that if put together correctly addresses all these concerns and more. Basically the framework for the franchise relationship.

This is where we step into the picture. By engaging our expertise, we not only put all the pieces together and do the heavy lifting but also educate, coach and mentor you about the intricacies of franchising. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to get approved to offer franchises, award franchises and navigate your franchising journey successfully.

Awarding Franchises

Awarding franchises is one of the most important aspects of franchising, requiring careful vetting of potential franchisees. While marketing efforts may attract interested parties, the focus shifts to the vetting process, which involves interviewing, interviewing and interviewing. Taking the time to really get to know and understand your applicants is key as it will uncover aspects of their personality, expectations and work ethic all of which you should measure up against what it takes to run your business and help you determine if the applicant is a good fit for your brand and culture. 

Efforts to attract franchisees may include targeted print and digital advertising campaigns, participation in franchise expos and leveraging social media platforms to showcase your franchise program. However, the  heart of the process lies in the personal interactions and evaluations that occur during interviews and subsequent evaluations. But keep in mind, while it is exciting to award franchises, you will need to temper your growth.  Awarding too many franchises to quick can lead to self-destruction (take a look at “The Biggest Risks to Franchising a Business“).

Onboarding, Training and Dedication

The journey continues with onboarding, a critical phase where franchisees secure locations, build out their businesses, purchase all equipment and startup inventory. Guiding franchisees through this process and drawing from your own experience when opening your business, is most important for ensuring a smooth transition to your franchise training program.

Training is as equally important as onboarding. Franchisees will come to your business, immerse themselves in your business operations, learn from your staff and get hands on training with your team. Not sure about how you are going to lay out your training program? No worries as part of our franchise development services we have a proprietary process that will help identify what will encompass your franchise training program, we will provide you supporting materials you can choose to use during training and a roadmap of how your training program will come together.

Your dedication to supporting franchisees doesn’t end there. After training then it is all about your dedication to supporting franchisees. This involves constantly checking in with them, coaching franchisees through the operational nuances of your business; identifying key performance indicators (such as sales, inventory, labor cost, employee turnover, etc.); and closely working with your franchisees as they become proficient operators.

Being a franchisee means being in business for oneself but not by oneself and as a franchisor you are there to prove it. By providing continuous support and guidance, you empower franchisees to become proficient operators, driving the success of your brand.

Being a Pioneer in the Industry

Yep, your role as a franchisor does not stop with the ongoing coaching and mentoring of your franchisee and transcends operational support. It’s about being a pioneer in the industry, continuously innovating and exploring new ways to run an efficient business. As a franchisor you are a cheerleader for your franchisees fostering a culture of growth, innovation and inspiring franchisees to reach new heights.

In conclusion, franchising a business involves a multifaceted process from building a solid franchise foundation to awarding franchises, onboarding, training and ongoing dedication to franchisee success. It’s a journey that demands perseverance, strategic thinking and unwavering commitment. If you’re up for the challenge give us a call at 1-877-615-5177. We are an award-winning franchise development company and will turn you into a franchise quick, easy and affordable. Franchising may be the next step in realizing the full potential of your baby, the business you have meticulously created.

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