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Do I Really Need Someone to Manage My Franchise Sales?

You have decided to franchise your company and as you research into franchising, you are faced with several decisions. Franchise development is by far the most important; however, you realize that franchising is another business and that soon you will need to manage the franchise sales side of that business. Is managing franchise sales as difficult as other people make it seem?

Let’s first understand what managing franchise sales means:

  • Decide where to advertise
  • Monitor & manage your advertising
  • Keep your advertising message fresh
  • Distribute your franchise marketing collateral
  • Update your franchising opportunities website
  • Effectively manage franchise sales brokers (if you use them)
  • Control and track all franchise leads
  • Talk with and qualify franchise applicants

Right now, you do NOT have to make the decision of who is going to manage your franchise sales when you are not even ready to offer franchises. It is important for you to understand the various facets of franchising your business before you commit to a franchise sales and marketing strategy. And honestly, it makes more sense for you to be more concerned with how your franchise program is going to be built rather than focusing on sales. Keep in mind that the franchise development process is separate from managing franchise sales and marketing (learn about our strategy when it comes to the franchise development process). Don’t be fooled! Managing your franchise sales does NOT need to be outsourced or even figured out before you are done with your franchise development. Build it first then you can think about franchise sales. It is like trying to talk with a real estate agent about selling a house that is not even built yet. You don’t know the features of the house or how to best position it. On the other hand if you talk with a general contractor, you can tell him/her what features you want, they will custom-build it for you and then you bring it to the real estate agent whose job is to sell it for you. In this equation we are the general contractor and we even believe you can manage your franchise sales yourself (read “Market and Sell Franchises Yourself”)!

Empowered Through Education

We will provide you with a thorough and well-executed franchise development process that will arm you with the knowledge you need in order to understand how to execute franchise sales. We are going to teach you how NOT to be dependent on third parties who simply perform franchise sales and access the same resources that are available to you. You will be educated on what to do and how to do it, so that YOU can decide for yourself if you will manage your own franchise sales or outsource it (learn more about how we teach you to qualify franchise applicants). We will even educate you on how to select someone to sell your franchises, whether that is someone you hire as an employee, or an outside contractor.

So after we take you through the franchise development process, beware you will be solicited by companies who will say to you, “Let us manage your franchise sales. We’re going to manage all your franchise sales activity for you (for a fee). We will be your franchise partner. No worries…you don’t need to do anything” (check out our article on this topic “Don’t Make a Deal with the Devil after Franchising Your Business”). After your franchise development is completed, you will understand what that entails. And you will be better prepared to choose which direction makes sense for you. Call us directly at 1-877-615-5177 or simply request we contact you and we will gladly talk with you about our proprietary franchise development program and managing your franchise sales. For more questions about franchising you can also visit our frequently asked questions.

Do I Really Need Someone to Manage My Franchise Sales?