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You Want to Start Franchising, Can You Sell Them

All along you have thought about franchising your business. You have thought, how neat it would be to “brand my business” and offer franchises “nationwide”. Perhaps you have had interest by a customer (or two) asking if they can own one of your business models. On top of all that, your local business is growing at a fast pace and you say to yourself this can easily be duplicated in California, Florida, New York, Texas. Washington or anywhere nationwide. You have been bitten by the franchise bug. However before you are ready to invest in the franchising process, let’s talk about how you are going to attract that perfect entrepreneur. In fact, who is that perfect entrepreneur??

Unless you have a business model that already targets a certain population (such as professionals required to have specific licenses) it is important to identify who you will target to become a franchise owner.

Our team of marketing professionals answers the three most basic questions necessary to accelerate your franchise marketing efforts. 1) Who is your target entrepreneur. This identifies their professional backgrounds, are they at a certain turning point in their lives, typical age group, hobbies, interests, etc. 2) What is your franchise message, what are you offering that so unique and different from other franchise systems in the same like and kind industry. Why would an entrepreneur want to invest in your franchise model. 3) How will you get the word out, advertise for that aggressive, go-getter franchisee.

When you call The Franchise Maker looking to franchise your business, be prepared to talk about such topics. I firmly believe that rather than spend thousands of dollars to franchise your business (anyone can do that), you should invest your resources wisely to further strengthen your system. That includes the development and implementation of a marketing program geared towards finding the perfect entrepreneur. Starting the process to franchise is exciting…. awarding a franchise to the right entrepreneur and watching him/her excel is exhilarating.

You Want to Start Franchising, Can You Sell Them