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Tips for Franchising Your Business

The idea of franchising your business is very exciting and with the new year ahead, now is a good time for business ‘clean up’ in preparation for franchising. Here are a few tips how:

Organize Your Systems
Take some time to refine and organize those processes and systems that make up your business, especially those that can be duplicated. What documents or forms are used? Which duty belongs to whom? What special tools are needed to complete each series of processes?
As part of the franchise development process, we will give you an Operations Manual to customize and document your processes and systems. So start thinking about them!

Spruce up your website
Certainly, if there is a © 2008 at the bottom of your website, it is time for a little updating, wouldn’t you say? But even bigger changes are needed. When you franchise, your existing website will need to reflect a corporate look and feel. It will need to talk about your new franchise opportunity. Don’t worry! We are here to help you! And remember, if you don’t have web developers and graphic designers, we do!

Take Action
If you are like most business owners, you want more locations, more brand recognition and more leverage. Franchising allows you to do all this and more at an accelerated rate. What steps are you taking to make this a reality? Isn’t it time you took action?