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Things You Should Know About Advertising For Franchisees

The whole idea of franchising your business is to award franchises, right? This means advertising for franchisees. Franchising is a steady and healthy industry that has proven to weather any economic storm. Especially now, when the economy experiences a downturn or in a recession (as history has shown) entrepreneurs come out of the woodwork purchasing franchises.

Now is not the time to STOP advertising for franchisees. Franchisors must aggressively advertise and market for franchisees (read about how you can market and award franchises in the future). This is an excellent time to test alternative or previously unexplored lead sources to search for qualified franchise candidates. After all as a new franchisor, you cannot expect to award franchises if nobody knows about you.

Assuming your franchise development is complete, The Franchise Maker will introduce you to many of our advertising partners in the industry whose function is to advertise for franchisees and generate leads for you. For example, there are some excellent web portals that will feature your franchise opportunity and there are some who are simply fast-talking sales people or “account representatives”, independent franchise sales brokers and even some franchise consultants whose sites generate nothing but useless leads (learn more about franchise brokers and why we encourage you use caution with them). Don’t be fooled and don’t worry, The Franchise Maker will point you in the right direction.

Franchisors, especially new franchisors (like you), must be committed to advertising and marketing for franchise candidates. Whether it is web portals or magazine advertising there is a pool of talented, qualified and experienced (and in many cases well financed) franchise candidates that have emerged due to current economic conditions. 

Be Committed to Advertising & Marketing Your Franchise

The bottom line is if you are not committed to advertising and marketing for franchise candidates, then you have no business franchising. You must be just as passionate to seek out franchise candidates as you are about operating your business, as this is just one of the magic ingredients in being successful at awarding franchises. So before you contemplate franchising, ask yourself “Are you willing to invest in ongoing advertising and marketing initiatives to attract franchise candidates?” Are you ready for the challenge? If so, what are you waiting for? Now is the time. Call us directly at 1-877-615-5177 or send us your contact information and let’s talk.