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We are pleased to announce that May of 2015 represents The Franchise Maker’s 10 year anniversary! Since our inception, we have been consistently working on stepping up our commitment to excellence and the values we represent. (See it reflected in our Mission Statement!)

Therefore, as a matter of introduction, and to gloat a bit on how very proud we are of what we represent within the franchise industry, we are pleased to present The Franchise Maker to you. To give you a standard that is nationally recognized, we operate under values that mirror the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Eight Standards for Trust.

BBB’s Eight Standards for Trust and How They Are Applied at The Franchise Maker

The BBB Standards for Trust are eight principles that summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in all business activities. The BBB Code of Business Practices is built on these standards. We are a proud member of the BBB and we have maintained an A+ rating since we began operations in 2005.

1) Build Trust
At The Franchise Maker, we build trust by our quality of work, being punctual, the level of service we provide and the track record of the businesses we have taken to franchise who are now strong franchise systems. We bring integrity and transparency into everything we do. 

2) Advertise Honestly
All of our advertisements are clear and concise. Our clients always know exactly what services they will receive and total costs. There are never any surprises later. 

3) Tell the Truth
We are honest with anyone we speak with whether they want to hear it or not. Our philosophy is to always be straight-forward and exceed expectations. 

4) Be Transparent
Our industry is riddled with dishonest practices and smoke & mirrors. At The Franchise Maker, we openly share the ownership of our business and exactly what services we offer. There is no question as to who we are and what we do. Furthermore we invite anyone to come visit us at any time. 

5) Honor Promises
We have clear and concise Engagement Agreements that we exercise with all clients which spell out responsibilities and expectations. We have never had any type of claim or demand against us. 

6) Be Responsive
We strive to make every client a “raving fan.” If there is ever a challenge we address it immediately and, if possible, the same business day. Each type of service we perform is governed by a written agreement that clearly defines responsibilities and solutions should there be a disagreement. 

7) Safeguard Privacy
We take every precaution to protect all information provided to us in electronic or non-electronic format. We use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online and only employees that need information to perform a specific task are granted access to such confidential information. 

8) Embody Integrity
Integrity is our core value behind everything we do. All employees are taught to always do what is right regardless of whether anyone is looking. Our philosophy is to put everyone’s interest ahead of our own, even if it means sacrificing profits.

We hold ourselves to our own high standards of ethics and integrity not only to protect our business but to protect anyone who comes in contact with us. This has resulted in trust between our employees, our associates, our clients and our outstanding reputation in the franchise development industry over the last ten years.

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