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Franchising is for Big Picture Thinkers

Yep, big picture thinkers are all around us. They are the entrepreneurs who are the driving force behind the great businesses you patronize. You probably interact with big picture thinkers every day or you consider yourself a big picture thinker. A big picture thinker may have already thought about franchising as a way to scale their business. So how do you identify yourself as a big picture thinker and how might that be helpful to you when it comes to franchising your business? Is franchising a fit for you?

Who Is a Big Picture Thinker?

Typically, a big picture thinker is somebody who is a visionary. They’re always talking about and strategically planning for the future. These people are always ten steps ahead. They have an appetite for success that has fueled their passion for growth. These are people who can’t sit still, always on the search to find new challenges to conquer.

Usually these people are fast talkers (in a good way) and it can be hard to keep up with their pace. These are the type of people we refer to as accelerated entrepreneurs. Big picture thinkers don’t sit still. They are doers not dreamers. These are people who see things in different and unique ways and are always pushing themselves, their businesses and people around them to excellence. Big picture thinkers find satisfaction in empowering others and sharing their passion. Do these characteristics sound like YOU (see other qualities of a big picture thinker)?

Always Thinking About How to Do More

Are you the type of person who is always talking about your business; where you’ve been and where you want to go with it. Are you constantly talking about your dreams of growing your business and when talking with others your aspirations come across in a matter-of-fact tone. In other words, it’s not a matter of “if” it’s a matter of “when” it’s going to happen. More than likely when you had the idea for and later opened your business you did it because you wanted to make a difference and with a desire to share your passion with other people. Whether your business is centered on a service or product (or both) you have done everything in your power to share what you have created with as many people as possible. As an accelerated entrepreneur you are constantly seeking out ways to reach a larger audience? You could continue to grow on your own (just open more locations) however your growth may be limited (check out this article on the topic of opening more locations yourself versus franchising your business).  So now what do you do…maybe it’s time to tap into franchising.

Franchising May Quench Your Thirst for Growth

If you find yourself impatient and feel you don’t have the time to make as much of an impact as you thought you could on your own, franchising could be your solution (learn more about how to franchise by visiting our main website). When you tap into franchising, the opportunity to grow quicker and reach more people becomes a reality. You are no longer handcuffed by your operation or your own resources and instead you can tap into the talent of other people using their own resources to operate and be responsible for your business in another market. If it’s exposure you desire and you want to be well-known, the more franchise operators you have in your system will ultimately result in name recognition and branding. An added bonus, when it comes to the power in numbers, is that once you franchise your business you will then have a pool of like-minded people who if encouraged come up with new ideas and/or improvements that you can choose to implement throughout your system (read about other benefits when you franchise your business). The bottom line is franchising your business is an avenue for you to share your passion with more people while also helping others be successful in business. Now that is powerful!

If after reading this article, if you identify yourself as a big picture thinker, you are serious about sharing the passion of your business with others so you can teach them how to do it and you want to see if franchising is a fit for you…then call us directly at 1-877-615-5177. We will answer ALL of your questions and determine if your aspirations of growing your business point to franchising.

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