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Franchise Development, It’s Fun and Exciting

I just met with one of our newest clients who flew in from Denver, Colorado. Its funny how comfortable we were with each other from the minute we met. These guys own a successful and very unique gym in Colorado as we have been working with them for about a month.

I picked them up (husband and wife team) from the Hilton, took them to a few neat areas here in San Diego then headed for the office. When we sat down (after introducing them to various people) the fun from the afternoon carried over as we continued the franchise development process. I had included one of our newest employees in the conversation (for training purposes) and then it happened…..

Yep, the magic of all the pieces falling into place. The look on their faces, the realization that they are getting closer to reaching that next level of success: Franchising. After weeks of talking over the phone and the anticipation of franchising their gym, my clients from Colorado realized how EASY everything was falling into place and their dream is now becoming a reality. Franchise Development is fun and exciting. It has always perplexed me why my competitors (not just lawyers) make it such a boring and dull process. Come on were talking about taking a business to the next level, its exciting.

This is exactly what I want to happen for The Franchise Maker. Clients to be happy and excited through the franchise development process. Granted this is only the beginning phase, but their excitement is indicative of their passion to create an opportunity for others to succeed. I am impressed with them because their attitude is to keep it simple, make the franchise business fun, attractive and lucrative for entrepreneurs. Meeting them in person just reinforced my initial thoughts about them and strengthened our business relationship. I will keep you posted on the status of these guys.

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