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Franchising: Our Most Successful Clients Like To “Get Their Hands Dirty”!

The Time Is Now

You’ve worked hard to grow your business into what have today. Now you are eager to take the next step and grow your business through franchising. It is exciting yet nerve-racking at the same time!

At The Franchise Maker, we talk with business owners (like you) every day. We will help you understand that becoming a franchisor means running a separate and completely different business compared to your current business. And, as with any business, there will be aspects of it that are new and different. But no worries! You have nothing to fear with us at your side! 

Leveraging Your Experience

We LOVE hands-on business owners! Why? Because you are the one who wants to dive in and learn all the aspects of being a franchisor, just like you did when you started your own business. You want to keep your finger on the pulse and understand the processes, not just turn over decisions blindly. You need to understand so you can continue to make strategic, well-thought out decisions about your business. Welcome to our world!

“GPS Training”

Once you become a franchisor, you have completed a giant step; however there is still more work to do.  As a client of The Franchise Maker, you benefit not only from our step-by-step guidance through the franchise development process, but you also learn where to go. In other words, you are not left stranded in the middle of the desert! In a way, we give you “a GPS device” and train you how to use it in the franchise world!

Take advertising, for example. It is inevitable that you will need to advertise somewhere to attract prospective franchisees. But where? How does that work? And which one is best? It is far too easy for you (a new franchisor) to waste A LOT of money on advertising before you really know what you’re doing. We will provide you guidance so you do NOT have to walk through so many mud puddles!

Solutions When Selling Franchises, We Got Them!

Not only do we take you through the entire franchise development process, we also connect you with our plethora of established relationships (many with negotiated rates) to solutions for all of your ongoing franchise needs. Here is a small sampling of such resources you will inherit:

*    Advertising  
*    Internet marketing
*    Print publications 
*    Franchise qualification 
*    Funding options for applications 
*    Franchise marketing collateral 
*    Graphic Designers
*    Website Developers  
If you are ready to step into franchising and you are looking for a “one-stop” solution AND you are NOT afraid to “get your hands dirty”, then call us today! We will take you through the entire process (and beyond) to franchise your business!