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Franchising and Building Trust MUST Go Hand in Hand

Trust is the Foundation.
Retailers say the three most important elements to success are “location, location and location.” Experienced franchisors will say that the most important elements in a successful franchise system are building trust, being trustworthy and maintaining trust with franchisees.

Franchising is more than just offering your products or services in other markets. It’s a choice to grow your business in a way that includes helping other people become successful by using your proven methods, techniques and “know-how” to operate a business. From the start, it’s a bond of trust between you and your franchisee.

Trust Others
Building trust in a franchise relationship is not that easy. After all, there are hundreds of other franchisors and franchise brokers out there trying to capture your prospect’s attention. Your first contact with prospective franchisees will set the stage. Is the advertising you run for prospective franchisees honest? Can you (and will you) deliver on the promises and in the training that you will provide? It is for these reasons, and more, why franchising is a regulated industry.

When franchisees join a system, they place their faith and their futures in the hands of the franchisor. Once they have opened their businesses, your relationship continues to develop and a successful franchise relationship will require that you do whatever it takes to get new franchisees up and running. Ultimately, it is your franchisees that will make your franchise efforts successful.

Supporting Franchisees

As an entrepreneur, your enthusiasm, energy, and passion are key components to what has molded your business. As a franchisor, those qualities need to extend beyond you. Imbed these traits into the culture and fabric of your entire company by providing proper training and guidance to all your employees, and most importantly, to those who will interact with franchisees. Your franchisees will embrace your culture and duplicate what they experience, resulting in a more powerful and loyal relationship.

A Look in the Mirror

Finally, the biggest part of the trust equation is YOU. When you started your business, maybe there was a little voice that said, “Go for it!” And look where it took you! The decision to franchise merits solid consideration. When thinking about franchising, ask yourself, “Am I ready for the responsibility of helping others become successful and of building the trust necessary to create a culture of like-minded people?”

Trusted by Raving Fans

At The Franchise Maker, there is no greater quality to us then TRUST. There are no smoke and mirrors. We work hard, we’re honest and treat our clients like family. Actually, they are more like Raving Fans!

You have worked hard to grow your business this far; use a company that has a proven track record (all the pictures on our website are real and all clients on our website are businesses we have taken to franchise from start-to-finish). The Franchise Maker; real clients…real results!