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Are Franchisees Considered Employees?

We all know what franchising means. It sounds good right? Grow a business, have multiple locations, recognition, branding, etc. (learn more about franchising). But do you fully grasp what the franchising relationship is really about? What are franchisees, are they employees? Can a franchisor directly control a franchisee’s business? There are all kinds of misconceptions surrounding franchise relationships such as: the…

Learning About Excessive Franchise Control with The Franchise Maker

There has been a lot of buzz about excessive franchise control. We want to take a few minutes to educate you as to why this is a concern when it comes to franchising. Franchising for years has given entrepreneurs an opportunity to own and operate their own business under the guidance of a franchisor (you)….

What Does a Franchise Term Mean? The Franchise Maker Explains It All

As we all go through life, there are different opportunities that present themselves and different commitments that we may make. Some opportunities are a quick, short-term deals (like hiring a realtor to sell your house). Others might represent a longer obligation (like a twenty year lease on a commercial property). Just about everything done in…