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Are These Attorney Tactics Creative or Desperate

Yep believe it or not attorneys find themselves turning over every rock to find work. Sometimes young attorneys get a quick wake-up call that just because they passed the bar exam and are licensed to practice law does not necessarily mean that people are crashing down their door for their services. So as a result…

Beware When Seeking an Attorney to Help Franchise

When seeking help to franchise your business, attorneys are definitely part of the process yet unfortunately sometimes misplacing trust in the wrong attorney may lead you down a wrong path. Why you ask? Oftentimes there is an automatic assumption that the attorney who you find and hire to help franchise your business is well-versed in…

Working with an Attorney to Franchise a Business

The other day we got a call from a business owner who wanted to franchise a business and like everyone who calls us he was seeking some answers.  However this call was different.  He called us because he liked that “we do everything under one roof” (read about our franchise development services beyond franchise documentation)….

Need Attorneys to Franchise: Don’t Worry We Have Them

By now you probably realize when franchising your business, you inevitably need to have attorneys involved. That thought can be intimidating and scary. It is no secret that attorneys can be difficult to deal with, seem to charge you for every minute of their time (even if it is a simple question) and, in some…