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How to Make a Franchise: What Does it Take to Franchise Your Business?

The Franchise Maker® takes the pain and complexity out of franchising by offering an affordable, efficient and comprehensive solution for business owners looking to franchise their business.

franchise a dry cleaning businessIf you have a successful business and wondering how to make a franchise out of it with the intention of growing your brand with independent operators…call us! After all, what better way to saturate the market place than to have other entrepreneurs using their resources to brand your business?

Franchising solves the problem of having to open up additional locations and hire staff who ultimately do not care about the business, compared to a franchise owner who has “skin in the game” to make the business thrive.

Throughout franchising history, there have been three constants which have fueled the growth of franchising in general: The desire to expand, the lack of financial resources to open additional company-owned locations and the need to overcome distance.

If you are talking with a company about franchising your business and they do not list their clients on their website, you should be very concerned. What are they hiding? Perhaps they are more concerned with getting their fee and just want your money! Such companies are not at all concerned with your success because their track record is nothing but failures. Or maybe such companies have no clients they can claim they have taken to franchise from start-to-finish. These may be just a few reasons why some of the companies you find touting that they will franchise your business are embarrassed to publicly list all their clients.

The Franchise Maker is very transparent and we work with businesses we believe make sense to franchise. All the clients listed on our website are businesses in a wide variety of industries that we have taken through the franchise process (read about the industries we have franchised). See for yourself below!

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Please Note: We work only with businesses that want to franchise. We do not work with existing franchise businesses. All clients below are businesses we have taken to franchise from start-to-finish.

franchise a boxing studio

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness
A boxing fitness studio inspired and created by world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. that offers boxing and functional training workout programs, personal training and virtual reality training platforms. Two models offered. One is an option to convert an existing fitness-related business into a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness and the other to startup a new business.

franchise a lego toy store

Bricks & Minifigs
A retail store that buys and sells new and used LEGO® building bricks, mini figures and accessories to the general public. The franchise provides programs permitting customers to sell and/or trade their used LEGO® bricks, LEGO® mini figures and accessories while offering for sale a wide selection of new and used LEGO® building bricks and accessories in bulk or in complete sets.

franchise a counseling business

A counseling and mental health services center that is a comprehensive solution for individuals, couples and families that combines the principals of traditional counseling, positive psychology and life-coaching techniques. This is a client-centric business dedicated to empowering clients to get to the next level of their personal and professional lives.

franchise a kickboxing business

A kickboxing and boxing fitness center featuring self-guided circuit training workout programs. Each center incorporates a proprietary system of challenging workout stations completed within thirty minutes and supervised by trained instructors for quick and effective workouts.

franchise an outdoor apparel store

Gearhead Outfitters
This is an outdoor specialty retail store that sells a variety of different types of activewear, footwear and outdoor activity-related accessories for men, women and children. This is a retail store that caters to people who live an active lifestyle offering a huge selection of activewear in various brands including their own brand.

franchise a deli

Deli Delicious
An upscale deli restaurant offering two different franchise models for the preparation and sale of over forty different kinds of unique, fresh and high quality deli sandwiches in addition to salads and side dishes. One franchise model is for non-traditional locations, the other is a full service restaurant both providing counter service, takeout, catering and limited seating.

franchise a dermatology clinic

Dermatology Practice Partners
For licensed professionals to convert an existing dermatology practice or startup their own dermatology clinic that offers a wide range of skin care solutions for both men and women. A one stop solution for advanced skin care treatments, cosmetic services, healing treatments, hair loss treatments and tons of other dermatology and cosmetic-related services.

franchise a medical clinic

Maxcare Clinic
A walk-in primary care medical clinic that offers different levels of preventative and diagnostic medical care services. Each medical care clinic provide immediate, no appointment necessary, non-emergency medical care services using up-to-date treatment techniques through licensed medical professionals under the supervision of a physician.

franchise an optometry business

Elevated Eyecare
This is an eyecare center that offers the services of an optometrist to perform various types of preventative and diagnostic eyecare services. This is a full service eyecare center that takes insurance, offers private pay programs and has a retail area that sells different types of eyewear and eyecare products.

franchise a mosquito business

Superior Mosquito Defense
An outdoor insect control service business that offers services to manage undesirable outdoor insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and fleas utilizing safe and environmentally friendly methods. This is a seasonal business that provides specialized services to residential and commercial property owners.

franchise a electronic cigarette store

E-Cig City
This is a retail store that sells a wide selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids with different flavors in addition to related parts and accessories that are sold individually or in complete sets. The store provides a complete solution for any person who is seeking an alternative to traditional smoking products.

franchise a dentist office

Sundance Dental Care and Sundance Dental Kids
A full service dental center to diagnose, treat and perform routine dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry and implant services. There are two franchise models, a dental center that services the general public “Sundance Dental Care™" and a dental center that specializes in pediatric dentistry “Sundance Dental Kids™” both offer comprehensive services and proprietary membership programs.

franchise a craft business

The Rustic Brush
A do-it-yourself workshop that teaches people how to design, build and craft their own wooden signs and various types of home décor pieces. Customers are encouraged to bring their own beverage, tap into their artistic side and socialize in a casual and non-intimidating environment.

franchise a Mexican restaurant

Super Mex
This is a full-service Mexican restaurant that offers various traditional dishes made from scratch and prepared to order. Each dish is made with fresh ingredients using proprietary recipes, salsas and sauces that brings together the tastes, smells and flavors of Michoacán Mexico.

franchise a nail salon

Hammer & Nails
A full-service nail salon that specializes in hand and foot grooming services primarily for men. Each salon is a bit upscale that incorporates overstuffed leather chairs, flat screen televisions, headphones and limited beverages. As seen on Shark Tank.

franchise a energy savings business

An energy savings business that sells and installs energy-efficient equipment and products for commercial and industrial businesses. All equipment and products offered and installed are proprietary lowering energy bills and reducing our carbon footprint.

franchise a lease management business

MIX Salon Suites
A one-stop solution for beauty and wellness entrepreneurs seeking to have their own private space. This business offers ready-to-use private or shared suites complete with furniture, fixtures, amenities provided for no additional cost and even promotes networking and community events.

franchise a water purification business

Aqua Chill
A home based water purification service business that uses proprietary equipment to remove impurities and contaminants from tap water resulting in purified water. This is an environmentally-friendly and less expensive way for businesses of all kinds to produce and use purified water onsite for their operations and drinking water.

franchise a doggie day care business

Camp Run-A-Mutt
An upscale doggie day care center that features supervised, cageless playground activities for day time or overnight visits, real-time online viewing capabilities and a retail center. This business serves customers who seek attentive care for their pet whether it is during the day or at night.

franchise a comfort food restaurant

This is a comfort food restaurant business featuring a large selection of hand-crafted gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches along with sweet and savory crepes, all of which are made from scratch using proprietary recipes. This is a quick-service style restaurant that also offers burger combinations, side dishes, soups, salads, handmade milkshakes and smoothies.

franchise a meal preparation business

This is a meal preparation business that makes ready to heat-and-eat meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner available for pickup. Customers choose their protein, grain and vegetable to create their own combinations. All meals can be purchased individually, in bulk or in packages.

franchise a gym

Club Fitness
A full service fitness center that offers low-cost membership programs and provides a wide selection of exercise equipment, proprietary personal training programs (that incorporates meal planning, nutritional and goal setting assistance) and a variety of group fitness classes. Each location can choose whether or not to offer 24 hour access to its members.

franchise a barbershop

No Grease! Barbershop
An upscale yet casual barbershop that specializes in grooming services such as traditional and contemporary haircuts, creative hair designs, hair coloring, hair weaving and brow waxing services for men, women and children. All services are provided by highly trained hair technicians using their proprietary line of haircare products.

franchise a security business

Silbar Security
A security service business that offers temporary and long-term security solutions for business and organizations of all sizes to help minimize crime and undesirable behavior. Each franchise will offer proprietary protection programs complemented with mobile video technology worn by each professionally trained security officer.

franchise a dog ice cream shop

Salty Paws
A doggie ice cream shop that offers a variety of dog-friendly ice cream. All ice cream can be topped with a wide selection of dehydrated treats and is served in cups, cones or waffle bowls. Other dog-friendly frozen treats and snacks along with limited retail merchandise are available for purchase.

franchise a learning center

The Lil Genius Kid
A full service learning center for early learners based on interactive proprietary curriculum that incorporates multi-sensory learning methods paving the way for successful independent learning. Very scalable business we split into two franchise models, a supplemental learning center and a pre-school center.

franchise a plant removal business

Leafs of Three
Poison ivy, poison oak, sumac and other types of invasive species that is dangerous to you is what this company removes. This business removes all noxious plants from landscape and disposes them in a safe, quick and efficient manner allowing you to roam free on your property worry-free in your birthday suit.

franchise a asphalt and concrete business

Southern Striping
This is an asphalt and concrete maintenance business providing striping, sealcoating and repair services for commercial and residential property owners. Two different models offered. To complement an existing business or start-up a new business. All services are performed by skilled and uniformed technicians.

franchise a build your own burger

This is a quick service restaurant that offers build-your-own burgers topped with a selection of proprietary sauces along with a wide variety of America-style food made fresh daily within a sci-fi fantasy themed environment. Great for people who are nostalgic over sic-fi paraphernalia and seeking quality burgers.

franchise a mental health business

Success on the Spectrum
A mental health therapy center that offers behavior modification services for children and young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning disabilities to help improve their social skills and promote independence. Two models offered. One is an option to convert an existing mental health practice into a Success on the Spectrum and the other is to startup a new business.

franchise a marine flooring business

Xact Customs
This is a mobile business that provides services to consult, sell and install custom marine flooring using specialized materials, equipment and processes. Flooring is available in a wide selection of colors and textures and can include design elements. Services are available for anyone with a marine vehicle such as a recreational boat, yacht, fishing boat, etc.

franchise a cupcake shop

PinkaBella Cupcakes
A gourmet cupcake shop that offers custom cupcakes and different size cakes in a wide selection of flavors along with beverages and limited retail items. All cupcakes and cakes are made with fresh ingredients using proprietary recipes with the flavor baked into the cake.

franchise a moving business

Firehouse Movers
A moving solutions business for people needing to relocate their residence or business. This is a professional moving business that packs, transports, unloads and can provide storage solutions for customers. The business uses skilled movers, specialized vehicles and equipment to move belongings.

franchise a recycling business

Recycled Granite
A granite and stone recycling business that re-purposes granite and stone remnants by turning them into different size products and selling them to architects, builders, contractors and homeowners for construction and remodeling projects. This is an environmentally-friendly business that eliminates landfill waste and saves energy.

franchise an insurance loss management business

If you have ever had a large loss for your business then more than likely L2M helped you though it. This is an insurance loss management business that provides pre-loss strategies and complete insurance loss administration services for multi-family and commercial structures damaged by a disaster.

franchise a axe throwing business

Montana Nights Axe Throwing
A recreational facility offering axe throwing and self-gaming entertainment coupled with a wide selection of craft beer and non-alcoholic beverages. The business is geared towards anyone who wants to learn the skill of axe throwing or hone their skills in a safe environment.

franchise a Pilates studio

Function Pilates
A Pilates studio that offers low-impact workouts for both men and women to improve flexibility, strength, muscle balance and posture. This business helps people train their mind and body through the discipline of Pilates with specific exercises, specialized equipment and proprietary programs.

franchise a sign shop

This is a full-service sign shop that designs, manufactures and installs different types of signage and visual communication pieces. Each business has a showroom and small production area, however bigger and more complex signage is produced from a centralized location.

franchise a solar business

A solar and roofing business that is the one-stop solution providing installation services for solar and renewable energy equipment and products in addition to offering roofing repair and installation services for both residential and commercial property owners. This franchise is offered in two different models: as a business to complement an existing business or for someone to startup a new business.

franchise a detailing business

Deckhand Detailing
A mobile detailing business that provides services to wash, clean, detail and polish the interior and exterior of all types of boats and vehicles. Services are provided by professionally trained detailers using unique products, specialized equipment and proprietary methods onsite for customer convenience.

franchise a insurance business

Maximo Insurance
An insurance agency and tax preparation service business all in one. This business sells various types of insurance in addition to federal and state tax preparation and filing services for both individuals and businesses. This is a scalable business that can be operated out of a small office.

franchise a barbecue restaurant

Smoking Pig BBQ
A full-service barbecue restaurant known for its traditional southern-style slow smoked meats, proprietary sauces and spice rubs, specialty dishes, unique appetizers, stews and salads all made from scratch. All meats are prepared onsite in a wood-burning smoker. Each restaurant also has its own catering department to service large events.

franchise a massage business

Footy Rooty
A full-service therapeutic massage center that specializes in reflexology and foot health management. This business provides a variety of proprietary foot massage treatments along with other traditional and non-traditional therapeutic massage services. Each location offers affordable a la carte services or membership options and all services are performed by certified therapists.

franchise a beauty supply store

Island Beauty Supply
This beauty supply store sells exclusive brands of haircare and beauty enhancing products, tools, accessories and equipment to anyone including industry professionals. All products, accessories and equipment sold are salon quality and not readily available on the open market.

franchise a pharmacy

Signature Health Pharmacy
A “closed door” pharmacy business which means it sells pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter health care products only to: patients and/or clients; and immediate family members of patients and/or clients and employees of the facility in which the pharmacy is located. This is a service oriented business that also provides personalized consultation services.

franchise a indian cafe

Chaat Café
A fast-casual restaurant that offers a wide variety of authentic Indian style food, side dishes and beverages for dining in or for takeout. All food items and dishes are made from scratch using fresh ingredients and proprietary recipes.

franchise a boot camp business

Burn Boot Camp
This is a fitness boot camp facility for women that offers a variety of proprietary fitness programs and workout routines in addition to nutritional and goal-setting programs. All workouts are in a group setting and taught by certified trainers in a supportive, encouraging and motivational environment.

franchise a garage door business

Access Garage Doors
A garage door sales, design, installation, repair and service business for property owners who are seeking a one stop, hassle-free experience. This is a service-oriented business that is flexible enough to be operated as a home-based business or out of a small industrial space.

franchise a body contouring business

Body Works Ultra Lipo Clinic
This is a custom fat reduction and weight management business that is an alternative to liposuction. All procedures are safe, non-invasive and do not break the surface of the skin. The business uses advanced technology and proprietary equipment to trigger cavitation which is a process that ruptures fat cells and allows the body to naturally drain them resulting in weight loss.

franchise a burrito shop

Burrito Experts
This is a burrito shop open for breakfast and lunch. This can be operated as a counter service only business or a small restaurant with limited seating.

franchise a pre-school

Lingua Natal
Two different business models offered as a franchise. One is a mobile business that offers foreign language based learning programs using proprietary curriculum at different locations. The other option is a pre-school and childcare facility for children ages two to five years old that teaches foreign language based learning programs using proprietary lesson plans and curriculum.

franchise a photography business

AEV Real Estate Photography
A mobile business that offers professional photography services specializing in residential and commercial properties to highlight their features producing virtual tours and marketing collateral. All photos are edited, enhanced and given realistic multi-dimensional effects using advanced technology to create realistic tours and marketing pieces.

franchise a clothing store

Copper Penny
An upscale women's boutique either in the form of a high-end clothing store "Copper Penny" that sells clothing, accessories, jewelry and shoes or a high-end shoe salon "Copper Penny Shooz" that sells women’s shoes, jewelry and accessories to the general public. Both models feature designer brands and specialty items typically not available in mainstream retail stores.

franchise a barber kiosk business

Barber Stop
This is a one-of-a-kind barbershop within a self-contained kiosk that is shaped like an old-school traditional barber pole. Such kiosk structure is proprietary to them and not available on the open market. Barbering services offered are: traditional and specialty hair cutting, facial shaves and beard and mustache trim services

franchise a floor removal business

Tear It Up!
A service business that offers floor removal services for both hard and soft surfaces. This is business uses specialized equipment and series of proprietary techniques to safely tear up any type of hard and/or soft flooring material and dispose such material in a safe manner without any harmful fumes.

franchise a audiovisual business

This is a mobile audiovisual business that offers services to install different video and audio solutions used for large-scale presentations, streaming, conferencing and communication solutions for government, industries, corporations and businesses of all sizes. This business also offers its own cloud monitoring system and provides ongoing maintenance and support.

franchise a taco shop

Pedro's Tacos
This is a taco shop that offers fish tacos along with a wide variety of authentic Mexican-style food, side dishes and beverages with all the speed and convenience of fast food. All food is prepared fresh daily and is available for dine-in or carry out.

franchise a grocery store

Green Planet Grocery
A healthy food grocery store that sells organic, natural and chemical-free food, produce, supplements, beauty and a wide variety of other household products at affordable prices. Their mission is to promote overall health and wellness by providing the space and resources for people to discover the benefits of buying chemical-free food and products.

franchise a weight management business

Core Capacity Transformations
This is a weight loss and weight management center that combines proprietary high intensity workout routines, nutritional programs, an exclusive line of dietary supplements and goal setting assistance for people of all ages to lose weight. The philosophy is that anyone can benefit from their inspirational weight loss programs to transform their body.

franchise a pizza restaurant

Trademark Pizza Company
An artisan-style pizza restaurant that allows customers to create their own pizza by choosing their crust, sauce, protein and fresh toppings. Pizzas are baked quickly using a unique stone deck oven. A variety of salads, wings, side dishes, beverages and desserts are also available in a fast casual environment.

franchise a painting business

Brilliant Painting
This is an interior and exterior painting business that offers a one-stop solution for residential and commercial property owners who seek to improve the appearance of their home or business. The franchise is offered to individuals who want to complement their existing business or someone who wants to start their own painting business.

franchise a real estate business

City2Shore Real Estate
This is a real estate brokerage business that offers a one-stop solution for anyone looking to buy and/or sell residential property or who wish to exchange property. The franchise is offered to existing real estate businesses who want to convert their business into a City2Shore or for someone to open a new City2Shore Real Estate brokerage business.

franchise a robotics program

A mobile business that conducts after school and/or summer camp programs featuring science and technology to build projects that teach engineering skills, creative design, advanced gaming and robotics for children and teens. All programs are themed using proprietary curriculum to teach how to create, design and build projects using circuits and LEGO® products.

franchise a dry cleaning business

A full service discount dry cleaning store that uses environmentally- friendly solvents and equipment to provide one low price for cleaning garments. Two types of franchise models are offered and each of them perform cleaning services at the store, nothing is sent off site.

franchise a tax business

A one-stop solution for all federal and state tax preparation and filing services, tax planning services and assistance in resolving all tax-related challenges for both individuals and businesses at affordable rates. This comprehensive tax preparation business typically operates out of a small office.

franchise a bridal business

Fabulous Frocks
A high-end bridal boutique that buys and sells on consignment used and new designer wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses and accessories to the general public. All gowns and dresses are purchased off the rack in all sizes (including petite and plus sizes) at a discount compared to purchasing them at retail prices.

franchise a athletic training facility

ISI Elite Training
A fitness facility that offers dynamic and high intensity athletic-based fitness programs in a group setting combined with nutrition and goal setting assistance for each member. Each facility utilizes cardiovascular equipment and free weights to help members lose weight, build strength and improve their overall well-being.

franchise a sushi bar

Miso Phat Sushi
A sushi bar that serves a variety of sushi (such as nigiri, sashimi and maki) made by expert sushi artists from freshly caught fish while incorporating proprietary sauces and recipes. The restaurant also serves appetizers, side dishes and homemade ice cream. These guys were recently featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

franchise a pet grooming business

Just 4 Paws Pet Spa
A full-service pet spa that specializes in pet grooming for all types of domesticated animals with an emphasis on catering to special needs pets in a safe, clean and hygienic environment. Services are performed by professional groomers who do not use harmful chemicals or cage dryers. The business is complemented by a small retail center that sells organic products.

franchise a lingerie store

For women everywhere, this is an upscale women's lingerie boutique that sells privately labeled women's bras, undergarments, shapewear, sleepwear and intimate apparel to the general public. This is a service-oriented business that focuses on providing customers with on-on-one personal fitting and consulting services to complement a wide selection of high-end lingerie and apparel that is custom-fit.

franchise a vaping business

Juicity Vapor
This is a retail store that offers a wide selection of electronic cigarettes, parts, proprietary lines of e-Liquid and related accessories. In addition to product sales each location performs repair services and offers made-to-order and custom blended e-Liquids onsite. Each store is a relaxing environment that offers non-alcoholic beverages, free Wi-Fi and a comfortable lounge area.

franchise a mold inspection business

IRIS Environmental Laboratories
A mobile business that performs mold and asbestos inspections, testing and clearance certification services for residential and commercial property owners. All samples are analyzed and tested at the corporate laboratory facility utilizing the latest technologies.

franchise a Cuban restaurant

Juana La Cubana
Casual dining at its finest featuring Cuban-style food. All dishes are made from scratch using family recipes along with their own sauces and seasonings. The restaurant also features signature Cuban sandwiches, can have either limited seating options or offer full seating and has pivoted well during the pandemic.

franchise a wine bar

A bar that offers a unique and distinctive selection of wines and beers sold by the glass in addition to a limited selection of appetizers and desserts. This business also features a retail shop that sells a wide selection of bottled wines and bottled craft beers in addition to accessories and gift items.

franchise a property management business

Nexus Property Management
A real estate property management and maintenance business for residential property owners who are seeking assistance in finding, qualifying and managing tenants. This is two businesses in one because they also perform general maintenance on all properties they manage.

franchise a after school program

Little Medical School
A mobile business that conducts after-school and summer camp programs using proprietary curriculum to teach children the world of medicine by incorporating multi-sensory learning methods, role-play and interactive activities. All programs are taught by pre-med and medical students and are geared toward applying the principals of medicine and science to understand the human body.

franchise a granite business

Granite America
A granite and stone countertop sales, fabrication and installation business that is the complete solution for homeowners, contractors, businesses and the general public who seek to purchase unique granite and stone slabs. This is a service-oriented business that offers a wide selection of imported granite and stone slabs that are customized into countertops, fireplaces, mantels, tabletops, restaurant bars and office furniture.

franchise a crab restaurant

Maryland Blue Crab
A full service crab and seafood restaurant for people who seek to eat all the crabs they can along with tons of other all-you-can-eat and signature seafood dishes. This is a crab and seafood restaurant with all dishes prepared to order using only fresh crab and seafood and made with a Louisiana and Maryland twist.

franchise a women and children boutique

Eden Lifestyle Boutique
A specialty retail store that sells a variety of upscale apparel, shoes, accessories and small gift products not easily available on the open market. Each store offers an entertainment area for children to play while mom is away shopping.

franchise a bike repair business

A mobile bicycle repair business that offers onsite services for traditional bicycles, indoor cycles and stationary bikes in addition to selling bicycles, related products and accessories. Services are performed at the client's home or business by trained mechanics who use cutting edge tools, methods and technology.

franchise a dog boarding and bar

Lucky Dog Bark and Brew
A very unique dog daycare, dog boarding, dog grooming and sports-themed bar business that features an indoor/outdoor playground for dogs while the owner relaxes in a full-service bar. This takes the guess work out of both finding a place where dog owners can relax and enjoy themselves in a sports bar while also providing a safe place for their dogs to play or to stay overnight.

franchise a senior care business

Serenity Care Services
A very unique business that provides onsite care for those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. All services are provided by trained caregivers that assist with basic daily living functions and even provide hospice care.

franchise a field trip business

Field Trip Friends
Adventure programs that provide a variety of hands-on, fun, unique and educational field trip programs for young children and their parents within their communities. This business provides uncommon, mostly outdoor field trip programs for young children and parents that foster environmental awareness, educational stimulation and socialization.

franchise a eyebrow threading studio

Touch n Glow
A beauty enhancing studio that offers services to men and women to improve their facial appearance. Two different models offered. One is an option to open a smaller studio offering only eyebrow threading and henna tattoos and the other to open a larger studio offering eyebrow threading, eyebrow tinting, makeovers and henna tattoos.

franchise a pizzeria

Pi-Squared Pizza
A pizza restaurant that offers authentic Detroit-style square shaped pizza made with fresh ingredients, proprietary recipes and dough. The restaurant also offers traditional round shaped pizza, made-to-order sub sandwiches, calzones, wings and salads for dine-in, takeout or delivery.

franchise a staffing business

MCS Recruitment
A full-service employment agency that is a one-stop solution for businesses seeking skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled personnel. This business covers employment needs for temporary, temp-to-hire, contract and direct hire services in addition to executive searches for businesses in all sectors.

franchise a embroidery store

Palmetto Twist
A retail store that sells and personalizes apparel and various types of merchandise using embroidery, monogramming and image transfer techniques. All items are customized onsite. This is a retail and production store all in one. Customers can also bring in items to be personalized.

franchise a disaster restoration business

Masters Of Disasters
This is a disaster restoration business for residential and commercial property owners whose building has sustained damage due to fire, water and/or mold. Emergency services are performed to dry, decontaminate, clean and provide mold remediation services if necessary all in an effort to save structures.

franchise a restaurant

Sports-themed bar and restaurant that offers the ultimate experience in casual dining while being served by "Hiney Models" who are female servers chosen for their attractiveness, intelligence and outgoing personalities. The Hiney's philosophy is centered on providing a lively and entertaining atmosphere that promotes laughter, socializing and fun with flat-screen televisions at each table.

franchise a school

This is either a Christian-based or non-denominational learning center and child care facility for infants through pre-kindergarten and after-school programs for children up to twelve years old. Both businesses offer the highest quality learning environment for children to begin to develop and build life-learning skills that encourages academic, social, emotional and motor skills in a safe and clean environment.

franchise a boxing gym

Undisputed Boxing Gym
This is a full-scale boxing gym with a boxing ring that offers a variety of proprietary fitness programs for individuals who wish to improve their overall body fitness. There are two franchise models, one of which offers boxing workouts in a group setting and the other that offers one-on-one and group setting boxing workouts in addition to functional fitness training programs incorporating different types of exercise equipment.

franchise a dental office

Blue Chip Dental
This is a dental office for adults and children that performs various preventative and general dental procedures. Each dental office offers a private pre-paid program for those who do not have dental insurance for specific procedures at flat rates in addition to accepting insurance. The system is built around providing honest and genuine care for patients while leveraging relationships and best practices for its franchisees.

franchise a fire prevention business

House Hydrant
This is a fire mitigation business that offers residential property owners a cost-effective solution to help control and reduce the risk of destruction to structures due to fire. This business uses a proprietary hydration system proven to be effective in saving any type of structure.

franchise a doctor’s office

The Practice
The first of its kind. This is a medical office that is a primary care facility providing membership based medical care at affordable rates. The facility provides traditional preventative and diagnostic medical care and limited urgent care services. The franchise is offered to existing physicians who want to convert their medical office or for a non-medical person to partner with a licensed physician and own this revolutionary medical care business.

franchise a sub shop

Green Dot Sub Shop
A sandwich shop that offers a wide variety of sandwiches made with high quality meats and produce daily. This sandwich shop is a business that incorporates many different community-based programs into each operation. Each location is dedicated to serving customers who seek quality sandwiches, side dishes, soups and salads in a fun and relaxed environment.

franchise a event business

My Little Carnival
This is a carnival-themed event planning business that hosts onsite carnival events for: companies, schools, community, religious and/or charitable organizations, private parties or any other type of group. Clients can customize their event by choosing from a variety of proprietary carnival-themed programs.

franchise a plumbing supply business

This is a wholesale store and warehouse that sells plumbing supplies, fire sprinkler systems and supplies, tools and provides delivery services to contractors. A GPFS store offers a complete solution for contractors and property owners seeking to purchase commonly used or hard to find plumbing supplies, fire sprinkler system supplies and raw materials in addition to offering pipe fabrication services.

franchise a settlement business

Settlement Professionals
This is a comprehensive settlement planning business that offers the complete solution for personal injury plaintiff attorneys and their clients in resolving and planning settlements. The business assists plaintiff attorneys and helps claimants take control of the settlement process while benefiting from a custom-tailored settlement plan.

franchise a fuel injector cleaning business

Injector Rx
This is a fuel injector cleaning business that uses proprietary processes to clean clogged, dirty or leaking fuel injectors to their peak condition rather than the expense to replace them. Each franchise will offer twenty-four hour services in addition to same-day services to clean fuel injectors for gasoline and natural gas based engines.

franchise a pizza shop

Pi Craft Pizza
A create-your-own gourmet pizza restaurant that provides customers with the power to walk through a line and build their pizza with a variety of toppings and other flavor add-ons. Pizzas are assembled in front of the customer and baking is complete by the time the customer has paid for their meal. The restaurant also offers freshly-made sandwiches and salads.

franchise a cabinet resurfacing business

Colors on Cabinets
A cabinet refinishing and coating business that provides services to enhance or completely change the appearance of any type of cabinetry. Services are performed onsite using specialized equipment and products coupled with unique processes to resurface cabinets for a lot less than the cost to replace them.

franchise a book store

Walls of Books
This is a used bookstore that buys, sells and trades used books in addition to selling book accessories and educational toys to the general public. Each bookstore provides a one-stop retail store for all types of used books in nearly every genre priced at below retail value while offering proprietary trade-in programs making it easy for customers to keep coming back.

franchise a cleaning business

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co.
Full-service residential cleaning business that offers a complete solution for homeowners that desire to have their home cleaned regularly or on an as-needed basis. This is a service-oriented business that is membership driven and takes the guess work out of cost, frustration out of maintaining a healthy home and enhances quality of life.

franchise a fitness facility

Peak Zone Fitness
A fitness facility that offers fitness programs and proprietary high intensity dynamic workout routines using advanced technology to monitor and track progress in real-time. Each facility leverages the power of fitness, nutrition, science and technology to improve their members’ health and well-being regardless of their fitness goals.

franchise a flat fee real estate company

$3,500 Flat Fee
A full-service real estate brokerage business that provides services to anyone looking to buy or sell residential property. The business is founded on the belief that no one should have to pay high commission fees when buying or selling property hence their proprietary flat fee program.

franchise a bed business

This is a mobile business that provides services to sell, design and install custom-made wall bed systems for residential and commercial property owners. All wall bed systems can accommodate any size mattress within hand-crafted cabinetry made in the United States in a variety of finishes.

franchise a scooter business

Yellow Scooters
This business rents and sells various types of personal mobility devices for people with limited physical abilities such as scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, walkers and more. Individuals or groups can rent these personal mobility devices for any period of time all at affordable rates.

franchise a technology after school program

Little Engineers
A mobile business that conducts after school, summer camp and/or special event programs featuring engineering, design, math, art and technology-themed programs for children ages three to eighteen years old. Their proprietary curriculum is designed to teach children critical thinking, observation, reasoning and prediction skills.

franchise a home inspection business

Home Analyzers
Mobile property inspection business for both residential and commercial property owners that also offers home wellness programs, energy audits and energy assessment services. Systems have been developed to streamline efficiencies by using proprietary methods, techniques, software and reports.

franchise a wheel repair business

A mobile alloy wheel repair business that provides services to repair and restore alloy wheels for all types of vehicles rather than the expense to replace them saving customers time and money. All services are performed onsite without removing the wheel from the vehicle.

franchise a bakery

2Good2B Bakery & Café
This is an artisanal bakery that offers a wide selection of gluten, corn and soy-free products made fresh using proprietary recipes and also a café offering a limited lunch and dinner menu. Each location not only prepares all food products but also sells wholesale to retail outlets. This is a food service business that has been developed to offer a solution for people who suffer from gluten, corn and soy allergies.

franchise a donut shop

Joey Bag a Donuts
This is an authentic Italian-themed donut shop that offers a large variety of donuts (over fifty different types), bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and muffins complimented with coffee, tea, specialty beverages, and other drinks at competitive prices. Basically this is a donut shop, coffee shop and bagel shop all under one roof while also offering apparel, gift products and merchandise.

franchise a referral business

The End Result
A full service contractor referral business that represents hundreds of local pre-screened contractors and/or tradesmen to complete any type of construction, remodeling, repair or property maintenance work. This service oriented business takes the guess work out of finding the right company to perform work by providing consumers with free referrals to qualified contractors or tradesmen.

franchise a plant care business

Growing Roots
A full service, mobile interior plant maintenance business that offers the complete solution for businesses and residences that need their interior foliage serviced on a regular basis to enhance and maintain the professional image of their business.

franchise a wellness store

A lifestyle store that offers superfood and alkaline-based products, holistic treatments and wellness programs for people who wish to detoxify their bodies and strengthen their immune system. This business has been developed to educate people on a pro-active lifestyle in a non-intimidating environment.

franchise a weight loss business

Pounds and Inches Away
Revolutionary weight loss center that combines the HCG protocol with one-to-one coaching, proprietary recipes and food products resulting in permanent weight loss. The complete solution for men and women who are concerned about their weight.

franchise a bed bug business

Bedbug Chasers
The franchise offers specialized services to commercial, industrial and residential customers who need to eliminate bedbugs utilizing safe electric heat and environmentally-friendly methods, without the use of any chemicals. A cost-effective, safe and environmentally-friendly solution to eliminate all stages of bedbugs as an alternative to traditional pest control techniques.

franchise a do it yourself real estate sales business

A flat fee real estate brokerage offering comprehensive do-it-yourself packages for selling residential and commercial real estate. This service is for sellers of real property who want to orchestrate all real estate sales activities themselves with the assistance of a licensed real estate brokerage company.

franchise a construction company

GreenTech Design & Build
A construction consulting business that offers the complete solution for the design and construction of "green" environmentally friendly homes.

franchise a pet sitting business

Pet Assist
A mobile pet care business that offers the complete solution for pet owners who desire to have their pet(s) professionally cared for in their natural environment. Each franchise offers a variety of comprehensive services including: onsite pet sitting, pet transportation services, dog walking services, pet waste removal services, proprietary service plan packages in addition to service guarantee programs..

franchise a group fitness business

An athletic conditioning facility providing a large variety of proprietary training programs and workouts commonly designed for professional athletes that have been modified for everyday people. Each location offers affordable membership options and provides intense interval training in a group setting complemented with specific exercise equipment for adults who want to improve their overall health and wellness.

franchise a music business

Oksana Enrichment
This is a mobile business that provides music enrichment programs for school-aged children and adults developed by world renowned pianist and composer Oksana Kolesnikova. This business utilizes proprietary curriculum to teach students how to master a musical instrument, offers vocal coaching, recitals and performances.

franchise cycling and yoga

Live Love Flow
A combination yoga and cycling studio that offers relaxed-based and high-intensity based exercise programs in group settings. Both disciplines complement each other in an effort to provide a well-rounded workout for people looking to improve their health and well-being.

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