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Before Someone Else Does It

Are you in a rush to get your business franchised? Franchising has always been on your mind. Maybe it is something that you thought was a pipe dream, however now your circumstances have changed and you feel that you just need to get it done. Perhaps the reason for the sense of urgency is someone…

Learn the Advantages of Franchising as a Strategy for Growth

Are you looking for ways to stand out and stay ahead of your competition? Franchising may be a strategy. Yep that’s right franchising your business can actually help you beat your competition. How exactly does it work? Easy, let’s take a minute to explore it. The Opportunity for Accelerated Growth Saturate the market. A concept that sounds…

Franchise Documents: Can I Just Switch Out My Name?

Recently, a business owner contacted us and revealed that he had obtained his competitor’s franchise documents (though he didn’t say how). He had a question he wanted to ask about “copying your competitor”.  Here’s how the conversation started out: “I found an old version of my competitor’s franchise documents. My business is virtually the same….