How to Franchise a Service Business

If you are like most service businesses you not only survived but thrived during the pandemic. Now perhaps you are looking at the future and wondering what is the next step. You have been super busy performing services and managing your employees, but the demand for what you do is relentless. You know that you need to get into other areas and fast because what you do is unmatched by anyone else. Yep, you have a successful service business and really want to grow it. You know that you can grow it organically (continue to grow yourself, start up other locations and pop someone in there to manage it) but the last thing you want is more headaches managing operations in another area. So you are thinking about wanting to franchise it because it is appealing to have someone else buy into your program and run day-to-day operations, but wonder you how do you actually franchise a service business. What exactly are you franchising and are you expected to teach the actual skills of performing the services you offer? Well those questions are easy and where The Franchise Maker steps into the picture.

What Are You Really Franchising

Franchising means taking your existing business and offering a program that mirrors everything that you are doing and leveraging what has made you successful for someone else to follow. First thing for you think about is what makes the service you do so unique.  You should be able to answer why customers (or clients) use you, what keeps them coming back to you and what have you done to streamline operations. When franchising a service business it is not just about showing someone how to perform a service or hone their skills when performing a service.  To successfully franchise a service business you must be prepared to teach someone every aspect of your business (yep the whole enchilada) from marketing and customer acquisition all the way down to the administrative tasks that every business owner dreads.

So wait a minute, does that mean you have to show someone all your secrets?  Yes you will be sharing your secrets. Specifically what methods, processes and strategies you use to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. As a franchise your mantra is about helping your business owners (franchisees) be successful; so any special formulas, strategies or nuggets of wisdom you can share is expected.  This is all intended to help your franchisees ramp up their business up quickly, gain traction in their market and continue to be top mind for whatever service you offer.  The benefits are numerous and of course the more success and money your franchisee makes the more comes your way (see this piece on how to make money franchising). But rest assured if your franchise program is built correctly (and not everyone builds franchise programs correctly) then all your trade secrets will be protected above and beyond any type of non-compete that is usually built into a franchise relationship.

What’s My Time Commitment

Hold on, you are time starved as it is and really do not have bandwidth to put a franchise program together. Plus this all sounds overwhelming. We totally understand and will guide you through our proprietary processes that make it easy to identify not just what but how you are going to train every aspect of your business. In order to franchise in the United States you must have the entire franchise program outlined in a set of documents and in most cases approved before you can even start offering franchises (take a look at what you need when franchising a business). Keep in mind we do ALL the heavy lifting and all documents we put together are custom. While there is a format that needs to be followed when franchising a service business the guts of every one of the franchise documents we put together are unique and different. In other words we do not work off templates. To successfully learn how to franchise a service business and do it correctly we do need your involvement, but won’t demand much of your time. To get a good idea of what your involvement entails take a look at how much of my time will it take to franchise a business. As an added bonus, our President Dave comes from the service industry and is very much aware of all the intricacies involved when providing services to the public, so you can count on him sharing his experiences with you to further help develop your franchise program.

How to Franchise a Service Business