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franchise your health food store"Dave and his team are what you need and want, when you are going to franchise. You couldn’t ask for a more thorough and knowledgeable staff to be on your side. The service goes beyond all expectations, they return your calls and emails immediately, answer all your questions with defined answers and this all done with hospitality and respect. The process Dave designed to get all the paperwork prepared is easy to understand, as he explains every section in complete detail. And on top of all this, the fee was very affordable and they let you make payments as you move along. This has been a greater experience than anticipated, I am blessed to know The Franchise Maker (Dave and his team) and will always keep them on my side."
Glenn Taylor, Founder – Phountain

"Before selecting Dave, at The Franchise Maker, I met with several other well-known franchise groups. Their services were extremely expensive and they didn't really seem to care about my business model. I wanted someone to walk me through everything step-by-step, but in an efficient timely manner. Dave's program did just that. He laid it all out and explained where every single dollar would go. There were no hidden surprises at all.

He built the structure for my franchise into something that I could never have done. It's almost as though he was reading my mind. Other companies wanted me to fill out page upon page of questionnaires. I didn't have to do that with Dave. He handled it all. This was extremely important to me because I was on a tight budget and had to continually run my business. Dave made the entire process effortless and I would HIGHLY recommend him and his team!"
Julie Rizzo, Founder - Recycled Granite

"Our foray into franchising our Hammer & Nails salon concept was a hundred percent dependent on developing a comprehensive franchise structure and a complete Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that would pass the critical eyes of the examiners in arguably one of the toughest states to franchise in, California. We also needed the approval process to be swift and that meant having a solid yet fair franchise structure and well-written FDD documents that wouldn’t require time-consuming revisions. With the critical nature of the FDD, we chose The Franchise Maker. Dave’s expertise and extensive knowledge of the FDD and the laws that govern them enabled us to meet our ambitious timelines, and have a franchise structure and set of documents that required very minimal tweaks by our Franchise Attorney which minimized our legal fees. Most importantly, Dave delivered on his promise to get us approved and registered to offer Hammer & Nails franchises. I have become one of The Franchise Maker’s biggest fans, and come to know why the franchisors he has guided through the franchise process affectionately refer to him as Uncle Dave. He is, quite literally, The Franchise Maker, and I highly recommend him to any business owner interested in franchising."
Michael Elliot, CEO – Hammer & Nails

"When we first opened The Rustic Brush we never dreamed we would eventually be on the path of considering franchising our business. Soon after opening we began researching numerous franchise sources from attorneys to franchise consultants.  Franchising is a huge decision and a risk as well so we wanted to make sure we used the right company.  We researched a few more sources and decided to go with The Franchise Maker.  So we reached out to Kristin and requested a meeting with Dave Waldman.  The day we spoke with Dave (as we call him now “Uncle Dave”) we knew why we were led to The Franchise Maker.  Dave has over 30 years of experience in the franchising industry which includes working many years for corporate in several very large nationally well-known franchise systems.  After our first conversation with Dave, we scheduled an in-person meeting and flew from Houston to San Diego. I’ve got to say that Dave and Kristin’s hospitality was far above our expectations! Dave took us out to dinner and even went shopping and took us to see some of the sights! Who does that!?! Uncle Dave does!  One of our concerns with franchising was the need to convert our three current license agreement locations to franchisees. His experience in that area was key to us in rolling out our franchise and being protected legally all around as a business. The whole experience of working through getting our Franchise Disclosure Document completed was smooth and easy. He guides you every step of the way so there is no sense of being overwhelmed and believe me that document can be overwhelming if you’re not with the right person!  We really wanted to franchise as soon as possible and with Uncle Dave’s knowledge and expertise we completed our Franchise Disclosure Document in record time - ahead of the scheduled date when we had expected.  Uncle Dave is family to us now and we would highly recommend him if you are planning to franchise, believe me you won’t regret it!"
Sandi Flores, CEO – The Rustic Brush

"The Franchise Maker has been instrumental in our success in getting us built and approved to franchise so quickly.  Dave has been an integral partner in the development of our FDD, and guided us through the franchising process with diligence, skill and a true passion for the long-term success of our brand.  He has operated not like an external consultant, but more like a member of our team and clearly takes personal pride in setting his clients up for a successful franchise operation.  He is highly experienced throughout the entire value chain of franchising, and we have retained him to continue to support us through our ongoing growth.  Dave goes the extra mile to make sure we get all of the information we need, and utilizes his extensive network of franchise lawyers, examiners and experts to ensure we are operating at the forefront of franchise opportunities.  Unquestionably we recommend The Franchise Maker to anyone looking for the absolute best in franchise guidance and support."
James Williams, CEO – Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

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