What is the Difference Between Licensing And Franchising?


Clearing the Confusion When a business owner is ready to expand, he or she may investigate both licensing and franchising as possible directions for business growth, but it can get confusing as to how these options differ. We get this question often and it is critical to … [Read more...]

Franchising is a Way to Grow!


Often times people create a business to follow their passion and desire become successful in their local market while others create a business with the intent to grow it.  Some even build their business to franchise it later. George and his wife started their flower shop … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Franchising and The Affordable Health Care Act


If I franchise my business do I need to be worried about the Affordable Health Care Act?  This is a GREAT question! As you follow current events, there is always coverage of The Affordable Care Act, its enrollment numbers and, of course, its pros and cons. Most of the … [Read more...]

Is it True that Franchise Royalty Fees Are Always 5% of Revenues?

Recently someone called and asked, "I am wanting to franchise my business, is it true that royalty fees are always 5%?". He said that it seems like most franchise concepts he has looked at require its franchisees to pay 5% of revenues each month as a royalty. So we figured … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons NOT To Franchise Your Business

Growing Roots Indoor Plant Care

We talk with hundreds of business owners about franchising their business. More often than not, we turn these ambitious business owners away advising them against franchising . Why? Just because you can franchise almost anything, it doesn't mean everything SHOULD be … [Read more...]

The Franchise Operations Manual Scares Me!

The Franchise Operations Manual..."How Am I Supposed to Document Everything I Know?!" Strategic Planning for the 'Franchise Operation Manual' When franchising your business, we understand that the prospect of creating a Franchise Operations Manual can, to some, be … [Read more...]