Get to Know The Franchise Maker

We are pleased to announce that May of 2015 represents The Franchise Maker's 10 year anniversary! Since our inception, we have been consistently working on stepping up our commitment to excellence and the values we represent. (See it reflected in our Mission … [Read more...]

Is My Business Too Simple For Franchising?

You have worked hard to streamline your operation and for selfish reasons, to make your business easy to run. All of which is very smart. We recently spoke with a business owner who had done exactly that and was considering franchising her business. She shared a concern with … [Read more...]

Are Your Employees Driving You To Franchise?

Chances are that when you started your business, it was pretty small: Just you and maybe a couple of employees. As your business grew, so did your employee headcount. Some of those original employees have stuck around (Awesome!); others have moved on. As a business owner … [Read more...]

Is Franchising For Control Freaks?

We all probably know someone who can be described as a control freak. A control freak is typically a person who likes to manage every part of what is going on around them. For example, a parent who wants to know if a child has finished the assigned homework is not a control … [Read more...]

Franchise Documents: Can I Just Switch Out My Name?

Recently, a business owner contacted us and revealed that he had obtained his competitor's franchise documents (though he didn't say how). He had a question he wanted to ask. Here's how the conversation started out: "I found an old version of my competitor's franchise … [Read more...]

Franchise Legal Problems Due to Sales Misrepresentations

How Franchisors Get in Trouble Looking to franchise your business and want to know how to avoid getting into legal trouble?  More than likely, each of us has either been involved in a lawsuit or knows someone involved in some kind of lawsuit or legal problem. And while you … [Read more...]