Franchising is About a LITTLE of a LOT.. Rather Than a LOT of a LITTLE!

Does It Make Sense? As a business owner, you are on a continual search for ways to improve your bottom line (i.e., increase sales, increase profits, reduce costs, etc.). When the idea of expanding and adding locations enters the equation, more than likely you look at the … [Read more...]

Does Franchising a Business Mean All Control is Lost?


A Simple Scenario: At some point, you will cross paths with a hardworking entrepreneur, who is running a successful small business. As a customer you are impressed with his/her business.  You ask about more locations, yet it's clear that the owner has real reservations … [Read more...]

How to Make Money Franchising Your Business

So your business is ready to grow and it is time to step it up a notch. Maybe it is time to think about franchising your business as a growth strategy rather than investing more money into opening more locations. Have you ever wondered how to make money franchising your … [Read more...]

Should I Franchise or License My Business


When a business owner is ready to expand, he or she may investigate both licensing and franchising as possible directions for business growth, but it can get confusing as to how these options differ. Should I franchise or license my business? We get this question often and … [Read more...]

Franchising is a Way to Grow!


Often times people create a business to follow their passion and desire become successful in their local market while others create a business with the intent to grow it.  Some even build their business to franchise it later. George and his wife started their flower shop … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Franchising and The Affordable Health Care Act


If I franchise my business do I need to be worried about the Affordable Health Care Act?  This is a GREAT question! As you follow current events, there is always coverage of The Affordable Care Act, its enrollment numbers and, of course, its pros and cons. Most of the … [Read more...]