What to Look for in a Franchise Development Company

During the many years we have been franchising businesses we have witnessed some really crazy things in the franchise industry.  WARNING: Be super careful who you talk to about franchising your business. There are many things to look for in a franchise development company … [Read more...]

Writing My Franchise Operations Manual

So you've finally decided to franchise your business and you're ready to pull the trigger. Your research has identified some things that you will need in order to complete the franchise process. One such thing is...the franchise operations manual. As you have been … [Read more...]

What Does Excessive Franchise Control Mean?

There has been a lot of buzz recently in the franchise industry about excessive control. We want to take a few minutes to educate you as to why this is a concern when it comes to franchising. Franchising for years has given entrepreneurs an opportunity to own and operate … [Read more...]

Should You Franchise Your Business?

As you contemplate how to grow your business you may be asking should you franchise your business. It is important to assess what your business really has to offer and will continue to offer someone long after you train them and before you go down the franchising path. Let's … [Read more...]

Requirements to Franchise Your Business

There is tons of information floating around out there about franchising your business. Some information is misleading and confusing. Other information may only give partial facts. We would like to help answer your questions. So have you ever wondered what are your … [Read more...]

What is a Franchise Term?

As we all go through life, there are different opportunities that present themselves and different commitments that we may make, whether in business or in our personal lives. Some opportunities are a quick, short-term deals (like hiring a realtor to sell your house), while … [Read more...]