Requirements to Franchise Your Business

There is tons of information floating around out there about franchising your business. Some information is misleading and confusing. Other information may only give partial facts. We would like to help answer your questions. So have you ever wondered what are your … [Read more...]

What is a Franchise Term?

As we all go through life, there are different opportunities that present themselves and different commitments that we may make, whether in business or in our personal lives. Some opportunities are a quick, short-term deals (like hiring a realtor to sell your house), while … [Read more...]

Can I Franchise a Home-Based Business?

A lot of really great and very successful businesses have started out home-based, whether out of a garage or at the kitchen table. And with the advancements in technology, today a business can be operated just about anywhere!  Franchising a Home-Based Business Home-based … [Read more...]

Get to Know The Franchise Maker

We are pleased to announce that May of 2015 represents The Franchise Maker's 10 year anniversary! Since our inception, we have been consistently working on stepping up our commitment to excellence and the values we represent. (See it reflected in our Mission … [Read more...]

Is My Business Too Simple For Franchising?

You have worked hard to streamline your operation and for selfish reasons, to make your business easy to run. All of which is very smart. We recently spoke with a business owner who had done exactly that and was considering franchising her business. She shared a concern with … [Read more...]

Are Your Employees Driving You To Franchise?

Chances are that when you started your business, it was pretty small: Just you and maybe a couple of employees. As your business grew, so did your employee headcount. Some of those original employees have stuck around (Awesome!); others have moved on. As a business owner … [Read more...]